How to Rescue the Tieflings and Wulbren in Baldur’s Gate 3

How to Rescue the Tieflings and Wulbren in Baldur’s Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll encounter many cases where you can help others, and if you do, it will bring good rewards. Some of these tasks are difficult, especially the one we’re going to discuss now, namely, how to rescue the Tieflings and Wulbren in Baldur’s Gate 3. They are imprisoned in the Moonrise Towers, and if you don’t help them before you pass the Shadowlands, they will die. We have created a step-by-step guide that will help you free the prisoners and avoid dire consequences in the future.

How to Save the Tieflings and Wulbren in Baldur’s Gate 3

Basically, you will have a difficult and interesting journey before you get to Moonrise Towers. However, if you have reached the towers, the first thing you need to do is convince the guards that you are an ally and have come there with peace. Say that you are the follower of Absolute and that you are here to talk to Ketheric Thorm. We recommend that you save the game before you try to convince them because if you fail, everyone in Moonrise Towers will trigger and attack you because they will consider you an enemy.

BG3: Find Wulbren and Talk to Him

Wulbren in Baldur’s Gate 3

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When you’re done with the guards, you’ll be free to move around the area to find the double doors on the south side, which will lead you to the prison. While in prison, you need to find Tieflings and Wulbren in Baldur’s Gate 3 and then talk to them.

When you find Wulbren’s cell, make sure there are no guards around because they will realize that you are a traitor and attack you. The best option is to pass a skill check to secretly talk to the prisoner. You will need to convince Wulbren that you are not a representative of Absolute and have come here to save him and the others. To accomplish this, you can pass a DC6 skill check and thereby gain his trust.

If you do it right, Wulbren will ask you to give him a blunt weapon to break down walls with. You can refuse him if you intend to break down the walls yourself, thus saving more prisoners instead of putting them in danger. If you do decide to give him a weapon, there are two ways to do so:

  • Give any blunt weapon from your inventory.
  • Explore Moonrise Towers and steal Wulbren’s hammer. This is a much more difficult and risky option, so if you choose it and fail, all enemies in Moonrise Towers will attack you.

After you do this, the prison break will start, and you’ll need to help them.

Help Prisoners Facilitate Their Escape

BG3: Help Prisoners Facilitate Their Escape

Image Source: Larian Studios via The Nerd Stash

So, when you give the weapon to Wulbren, he will start breaking the wall to free himself. You, in turn, will need to help the prisoners because, eventually, the guards will notice that something is wrong. To protect the maximum number of prisoners, we recommend that you try to kill all the guards in the prison. It won’t be easy, but with a few spells, you will succeed. Of course, after you kill the guards, there is a chance that reinforcements will come to help them, but until that happens, you will need to help Wulbren.

You can use the secret passage to help the prisoners break through the walls and escape. To accomplish this, head south of the prison until you see an opening on the right side of the wall. This path will lead you to a hidden section behind the cells where the prisoners are being held, so you can help them break through the walls to free themselves.

But there’s one problem: to get to this area, you’ll need the Misty Step spell or the Flight spell to overcome one of the obstacles. After overcoming the obstacles and helping the prisoners, also pay attention to the boat, which is tied to the shore with two chains. Destroy these chains by attacking them so that the prisoners spend less time escaping.

If you’ve done everything right and also destroyed the guards, the prisoners will be able to escape, but before they do, you can talk to Wulbren to offer to go to the Last Light Inn. You can go with them, or stay if you have some other business at Moonrise Towers.


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Now you know how to rescue the Tieflings and Wulbren in Baldur’s Gate 3, so we hope you won’t face any problems with this task!

Baldur’s Gate 3 is currently available on PC.

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