Internet Obsessed With Cat’s Reaction When His Favorite Show Comes On

A cat who recognizes his favorite show, and rushes to the TV when he hears its opening credits, has melted hearts online in footage that has been viewed 8 million times.

In a video posted on TikTok by @ringodanyan, Bengal munchkin cat Ringo was caught on camera reacting excitedly after hearing the theme tune of his favorite show. He has subsequently become a big hit online, with more than 1.8 million followers on TikTok and another 495,000 on Instagram.

A mix of two cat breeds, Ringo’s unusual appearance has delighted the internet. Ringo is half munchkin cat, a breed known for short legs, the result of a genetic mutation that affects the length of their leg bones. The distinctive appearance gives them a somewhat similar look to dachshund or corgi dogs.

Ringo is also half Bengal. Bengals are known for their striking leopard-like appearance. With a distinctive coat and their energetic and intelligent nature, they are a popular breed for active households.

Ringo’s hilarious reaction to the opening tune of his favorite YouTube show has left people in stitches. His owner later explained that the cat’s favorite thing to watch is South Korean YouTuber Syuka World.

A file photo of a Bengal cat watching TV on the couch, with cat treats and remote control. The internet is obsessed with a cat who knows the theme to his favorite show.
Svetlana Sultanaeva/Getty Images

Should I let my cat watch TV?

But is screen time good for our pets? A 2008 study in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science by Sarah Ellis and Deborah Wells of Queens University, Belfast, said it could be.

Examining the behavior of 125 cats, the study looked at the influence of visual stimulation using a controlled experimental design.

Twenty-five cats were randomly assigned to one of the study’s five types of visual stimulation including no visual stimulation, a blank TV screen and TV screens depicting humans, inanimate movement and animate movement.

The cats were given visual stimulation for three hours a day over the course of three days as researchers recorded each cat’s behavior in five-minute intervals.

During the study cats spent just a small amount of time (6.1 percent) looking at the television. But the cats exposed to programs featuring animate and inanimate movement did seem more engaged than the others.

Researchers concluded that visual stimulation—particularly if it incorporate elements of prey-like movement—could offer some enrichment for domestic cats.

People on TikTok were obsessed with Ringo’s adorable reaction to knowing his favorite show was about to start.

“Omg that is hilarious,” said viewer Bub the cat, while Beej902 joked: “Time for my stories!”

“Okay but this is adorable,” said Ida.

Ringo isn’t the only feline to be a fan of a little bit of screen time. Earlier this year one women left people in stitches when she set up a TV for her cat. Meanwhile another cat who is “obsessed with mice videos” was captured staring at her owner’s phone waiting for something she could watch.

Newsweek reached out to @ringodanyan via social media for comment.

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