Microsoft Announces Python In Excel – Slashdot

Microsoft Announces Python In Excel – Slashdot

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from the boom dept.

theodp writes: On Tuesday, Microsoft announced the Public Preview of Python in Excel, which “runs securely on the Microsoft Cloud”.

From the Home Office in Redmond: “Python is one of the most popular programming languages today, loved by businesses and students alike and Excel is an essential tool to organize, manipulate and analyze all kinds of data. But, until now, there hasn’t been an easy way to make those two worlds work together. Today, we are excited to introduce the Public Preview of Python in Excel — making it possible to integrate Python and Excel analytics within the same Excel grid for uninterrupted workflow. Python in Excel combines Python’s powerful data analysis and visualization libraries with Excel’s features you know and love. You can manipulate and explore data in Excel using Python plots and libraries, and then use Excel’s formulas, charts and PivotTables to further refine your insights…We’re partnering with Anaconda, a leading enterprise grade Python repository used by tens of millions of data practitioners worldwide. Python in Excel leverages Anaconda Distribution for Python running in Azure, which includes the most popular Python libraries such as pandas for data manipulation, statsmodels for advanced statistical modeling, and Matplotlib and seaborn for data visualization….While in Preview, Python in Excel will be included with your Microsoft 365 subscription. After the Preview, some functionality will be restricted without a paid license.”

Python creator Guido van Rossum, now a Microsoft Distinguished Engineer, helped define the architecture for Python in Excel and had this to say: “I’m excited that this excellent, tight integration of Python and Excel is now seeing the light of day. I expect that both communities will find interesting new uses in this collaboration, amplifying each partner’s abilities. When I joined Microsoft three years ago, I would not have dreamed this would be possible. The Excel team excels!”

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