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The NBA 2K24 team confirmed several new additions to both MyNBA and The W on August 22. Among those additions is an add-on to Eras, as fans can re-write LeBron James’ run with the Miami Heat in the 2010s.

Last week, 2K revealed many new features that will arrive to NBA 2K24 next month. Many gameplay changes are set to take over the meta, and the developers unveiled plans for a new battle pass…which didn’t go over well with the community.

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On August 22, the focus in NBA 2K24’s latest report was on MyNBA and The W.

NBA 2K24 will see the return of Eras, and one major addition will give players the opportunity to re-write very recent history in the Association.

LeBron James' Heat era in NBA 2K242K

The LeBron-Heat era heads to MyNBA

Last year, 2K introduced Eras to MyNBA. In it, NBA fans could re-live classic eras in basketball, from Michael Jordan’s dominance in the 1990s to Kobe and Shaq’s run with the Lakers in the early 2000s. This year, the 2010s are set to enter MyNBA in NBA 2K24.

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Fans can re-live — and re-write — LeBron James’ run with the Heat, as well as see how the NBA Draft class of 2011 shakes up the league.

Additionally, 2K has added an “automatic aging transformation” that will see players’ models will change physically on a yearly basis to reflect the history of these athletes. What this means is, for example, Kobe Bryant will transform from his “Frobe” era in the early 2000s to a smooth-haired version as the years go on.

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Online leagues have been tweaked a bit, as there are now eight different roles for members:

  • Commissioner – League owner can do everything
  • Admin – Have all normal permissions, plus a few special permissions like trade
    veto/approval and rule change veto/approval
  • Time Manager – Can pause, edit or add new timers
  • Gameplay Tuner – Can edit large scale things that affect gameplay for the whole
    league, like sliders
  • Attribute Editor – Can edit anything on a player that impacts gameplay like Vitals,
    attributes and badges
  • Designer – Can create and edit team jerseys, arena and logos
  • Appearance Editor – Can edit anything on a player that doesn’t directly impact
MyNBA online roles in NBA 2K242K

Among other additions include increased value to mid-level exceptions and luxury tax brackets scale with the salary cap to be in tune with the current collective bargaining agreement (CBA), a newspaper that will be featured that will indicate current league storylines in the older Eras, and a new MyNBA Lite.

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MyNBA Lite is a streamlined version of MyNBA. It will feature a soft cap, trades without CBA restrictions, and will be able to have complete visibility and accuracy on the upcoming draft classes.

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MyNBA will be available on current-gen versions of NBA 2K24.

The W

The W will feature two paths for WNBA players. Individuals can either choose to enter the league as a college star or an international sensation. Both paths, per 2K, will have their perks for players.

The W Pursuit of Greatness in NBA 2K242K

Another new feature added to The W is called ‘Pursuit of Greatness.’ NBA 2K players will be pitted in a position battle against rival star players. It’ll be up to the player to see how one compares to fellow stars in the WNBA.

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Pick-up games have also been introduced to give players the chance to grind out badge perks. Also, MyTeam rewards and 2K Breakthrough Skins are among the virtual in-game items that can be collected in The W.

Only those with the PS5 or Xbox Series X will have access to The W.

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