New MyNBA and The W Details Revealed for NBA 2K24

New MyNBA and The W Details Revealed for NBA 2K24

Some new details have been announced regarding NBA 2K24‘s returning modes The W, where you can compete in the WNBA, and MyNBA, which serves as the franchise mode in the series. With the game set to be officially released on September 8, 2K developers helped shed some light on what’s new and improved in these two modes in a deep dive session.

The W

Within The W, you’ll now be able to choose from two types of players as you navigate through your career in the WNBA. Choosing The Prospect will see you as a highly touted number one overall draft pick who starts out rated as a 75 overall player, while being The Undiscovered Gem puts you in the shoes of an 85 overall MVP from overseas. While you’re playing games and establishing a reputation, a new Pursuit of Greatness screen will chart your progress in comparison to the best in the league at your position.

You’ll also now have three pick-up games that you can play on your off-days that can earn you badge perk rewards and give you the opportunity to level up those badges, provided you can win the pick-up games. You can expect to see more MyTeam reward cards from The W, providing you with uniforms and shoes that you can use in the card-collecting mode and there are seasonal badge perks for competing in The W Online.

MyNBA Eras

Many will pleased to know that Eras are back in NBA 2K24, offering the opportunity to play seasons within the same time periods as last year: the Magic vs. Bird era, Jordan Era, and Kobe Era. There’s now been the addition of a LeBron Era though that puts you in the shoes of the Heatles days when he dominated in Miami alongside Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. You can decide whether you want to try to come away with more championships than they actually managed in real life or take the reins of a different team and see if you can perhaps prevent them from winning any at all.

There has been tuning throughout these eras to refine the progression of players and even to have them visually age more accurately as the years pass. You can expect to find the kind of attention to detail that provides league updates in mediums that are appropriate for the era, meaning newspaper headlines for the ’80s and primitive website pages for the early 2000s. The rules of the game should also now be correct in the different eras, reflecting the little tweaks that have been made throughout the years.

In MyNBA Online, the biggest changes have been to allow for more delegation among league members. This means you can now assign eight specific roles to other people such as Designer to give someone the ability to create and edit draft classes and Gameplay Tuner to have someone customizing the sliders.

There was a lot of time spent on bringing the biggest items from the new 2023 collective bargaining agreement to modern leagues. This should ensure that things like salary caps, luxury taxes, and rookie scale contracts are as realistic as possible as you begin to progress through the years leading up to when the CBA is set to end in the 2029-2030 season.

For those who find the complexities of MyNBA to be a tad overwhelming, there will now be a MyNBA Lite mode that will simplify front office affairs and have you getting to the business of playing your games faster. The focus of this streamlined franchise will be on three core pillars: drafting, trading and winning championships.

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