EA Sports has revealed a bunch of new info about NHL 24.

With NHL 24‘s October 6th release date quickly approaching, Electronic Arts is wasting no time revealing what to expect from this year’s game. Following last week’s cover reveal, EA has dropped a deep dive trailer looking at the game’s World of Chel mode. First off, players can expect to see improvements to crossplay, which will now allow players to play with and against one another across the same console generation (such as PS5 with Xbox Series X|S, or PS4 with Xbox One). These options will be available in Hockey Ultimate Team, and all World of Chel modes.

The new World of Chel deep dive trailer for NHL 24 can be found below.

In addition to crossplay, the trailer lays out several other improvements players can look forward to. EASHL has been improved, with a structure that is closer to the one in the actual NHL playoffs. That means players will have to win four “best of seven” series. EA has attempted to replicate the Stanley Cup experience, with a celebration meant to mimic what fans get to see play out on the ice every year. In the video, we can see players posing for post-game photos, and winning names emblazoned on the trophy. A new casual quickplay mode will also allow players to compete in a 3v3, unranked period. For players looking for something quick and simple, this could be an appealing option!

One of this year’s bigger changes is the addition of a Battle Pass. Replacing the old hockey bag mechanic, the Battle Pass will have 75 tiers of rewards each season. Battle Passes will have both free and premium tiers, though all players will have access to the premium tier for the game’s first season. Celebrations, banners, gear, and more will be unlocked through the Battle Pass. Another result of the hockey bag mechanic’s removal is that a new World of Chel Store will allow players to purchase individual items. Players will use World of Chel coins to purchase these unlocks, and EA has indicated that “most” of the items from the store and Battle Pass will carry over to next year’s game.

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