No Joke This Time: PC Maker Razer Gets Into Razors

No Joke This Time: PC Maker Razer Gets Into Razors

After making fun of the idea on April Fools’ Day, PC maker Razer will sell actual razors. 

The company is partnering with GilletteLabs on a Razer-branded shaver that’ll go on sale later this month. It’s clearly for fans of the PC accessory maker, which has a history of experimenting with puzzling product categories, like LED-powered air purifying masks. The product itself looks like the normal GilletteLabs with Exfoliating Bar shaver, but it now comes with “Razer’s iconic triple-headed snake logo and acid green trademarks,” the company says.  

Razer Gillette Razor

(Credit: Razer/GilletteLabs)

Razer and Gillette say they decided to collaborate after Razer created an April Fools’ joke earlier this year involving a gaming mouse that can also double as an electric razor. To squeeze more laughs out of the joke, the company also created a short video showing the fake product in action. The clip has since attracted nearly 400,000 views. 

Razer now says: “The video generated significant momentum, signaling to the two brands that it was a great idea and time to bring the collaboration to life.” A company marketing executive adds that Razer has been “inundated” with requests to build a razor for real-life use. 

The partnership is also an opportunity for Gillette to reach out to the PC gaming crowd. But aside from some cosmetic changes, we’re not sure if much was changed to the Gillette blade. We reached out to the companies for more information, and will update the story if we hear back.

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There’s also no word on price. But the normal GilletteLabs with Exfoliating Bar shaver costs $17.

Razer GilletteLabs product

(Credit: Razer/GilletteLabs)

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