PlayStation Plus subscribers can now try out 2023’s most controversial game

PlayStation Plus subscribers can now try out 2023’s most controversial game

If you happen to be a subscriber of PlayStation Plus’ premium tier, you can now sample a free trial of one of 2023’s most controversial releases.

To recap on this month’s PlayStation Plus offerings, everyone can currently grab the essential tier’s PGA Tour 2K23, Dreams, and Death’s Door. A further 17 games were then added to the extra and premium catalogues, including day one release Moving Out 2, Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, Lost Judgement, and Midnight Fight Express. Don’t forget that on 29 August, new RPG Sea of Stars will also land on the platform. That’s a game I’m oh so very excited for. A number of titles are also departing the service soon, including Deathloop and Chicory. Let’s hop back on over to that new free trial though. PlayStation Plus premium subscribers can now sample several hours of Atomic Heart.

Take a look at Atomic Heart in action below.

Reddit user Marick201 spotted that Atomic Heart was available as a free trial on the premium tier of PS Plus. Interestly though, you have to seek out the game as it doesn’t appear to be listed on the free trials page. Perhaps this is an error that’ll soon be updated. The trial allows you to play through the opening two hours of the game.

Atomic Heart was released earlier this year, causing a fair amount of ruckus. Many called for the game to be banned, including Ukraine’s deputy minister of digital transformation who argued that Russian studio Mundfish romanticised “communist ideology and the Soviet Union”. Additionally, one video games guide website cancelled their planned guides coverage as a result of “poor game design”.

It doesn’t end there. In a series of mixed reviews, reviewers pointed out that Atomic Heart has deeply “misogynistic undertones” with one calling it a “miserable experience”. You can see why many people were probably deterred from playing the game. Perhaps devs are now hoping the trial will allow people to form their own opinion. If you do want to dive in, the trial is available now.

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