Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Reveal New Pokemon for Teal Mask DLC

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Reveal New Pokemon for Teal Mask DLC

An official live-action Pokemon trailer reveals a new yet familiar Pokemon set to arrive in Scarlet and Violet’s upcoming Teal Mask DLC.


  • Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC introduces Poltchageist, a Grass and Ghost-type Pokemon inspired by Japanese matcha tea.
  • The Gen 9 titles bring a new twist to regional variants, introducing entirely new and unique species that share traits with existing Pokemon.
  • The upcoming Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC will feature more new Paradox Pokemon and entirely new species, offering a mix of old favorites and fresh additions.

Fans of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have already gotten a look at a few Pokemon set to arrive with the games’ DLC, though a new live-action trailer has revealed Poltchageist. While it may not be a regional variant, this new creature seems to be related to another Pokemon that many Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans are already acquainted with.

Though regional variants are nothing new for the Pokemon games, the Gen 9 titles put a new spin on the concept by introducing entirely new Pokemon which, while sharing traits with certain other Pokemon, are technically new and unique species. One popular example of this is Wiglett – while this Pokemon does share remarkable resemblances to Diglett in terms of design, behavior, and name, it’s identified as a distinct species rather than a regional variant of Diglett. First introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon, regional variant Pokemon present new forms for existing creatures which are exclusive to certain regions in the Pokemon world, and though different in terms of type and appearance, are identified to be of the same species as the regular variant.

Several new regional variant and convergent Pokemon alike have already been introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, with more having already been revealed for the upcoming Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC. A live-action trailer posted by The Pokemon Company has revealed yet another new Pokemon native to the land of Kitakami, which players will be able to discover and befriend in the Teal Mask DLC which is set to release mid-September. This Pokemon is known as Poltchageist, which appears to be a relative of the popular Polteageist that was first introduced in the Gen 8 games. Unlike Polteageist, Poltchageist is a Grass and Ghost-type Pokemon whose design is inspired by Japanese matcha tea instead.

The trailer features an in-depth story regarding the origins of this new Pokemon, revealing several tidbits of lore which are consistent with other tales about Ghost-type Pokemon. Interestingly, this isn’t the first Galarian Pokemon to receive a convergent relative in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC, with an earlier trailer revealing a new Applin evolution known as Dipplin.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet isn’t afraid to show some love for some older fan-favorite Pokemon, introducing the mysterious Paradox Pokemon alongside the new convergents to give new forms to Pokemon that most fans are already well-acquainted with. Fans can look forward to some more new Paradox Pokemon appearing along with some new entirely new species in the upcoming Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC, which releases in two parts later this year.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available on Nintendo Switch.

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