Rumour: Tekken 8 Release Date Set for January, Just After Tekken World Tour Ends

Rumour: Tekken 8 Release Date Set for January, Just After Tekken World Tour Ends

These leaks are Tekken the p*ss

Tekken 8 Release Date Leak

Bandai Namco isn’t doing too hot with all of these Tekken 8 leaks, and just hours before the game is set to show up during Gamescom Opening Night Live, its release date may have become public knowledge. According to reliable leaker @ALumia_Italia, the anticipated fighting game will launch on the 26th January, 2024. The supposed date is perhaps a bit earlier than many expected, but the timing makes a lot of sense when you start weighing things up.

For starters, the current Tekken World Tour has its finals on the 13th and 14th January, and will essentially bring Tekken 7’s competitive life cycle to an end. Jumping straight to Tekken 8 just a couple of weeks later would be pretty hype.

Next, there are loads major fighting game tournaments to consider throughout 2024 — including Evo, of course — so getting Tekken 8 out there in the first month of the year seems like a good idea. The sooner pros can get to grips with the game, the sooner it’ll establish an audience.

Anyway, we should know soon enough whether this leak is for real. We’ll be sure to update this article once we have some confirmation.

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