Starfield review impressions appear early, confirming what fans had hoped

Starfield review impressions appear early, confirming what fans had hoped

First impressions for Starfield are being leaked left, right and centre, and they’re all saying excellent things about Bethesda’s space explorer.

Given the enormous amount of hype surrounding Bethesda’s new IP, Starfield, there’s been a lot of pressure placed on the Xbox and PC exclusive to succeed.

Take a look at Starfield’s story trailer below

Since early copies of the game were released to reviewers, fans have been diligently watching for first impressions, desperate to know if the game is truly as good as they hope it is, and so far, that seems to be the case.

While specific information cannot be shared due to the game’s embargo, reviewers have shared spoiler-free thoughts on the game’s quality and performance, and they’re all saying exceptionally good things.

Twitter user @NikoMueller shared a round-up of details on the unreleased title, saying:

“Final product looks better than what was presented

Gorgeous environments

No bugs (so far)

Outstanding draw distance

Lots of details in interior locations”

While Starfield’s visuals were undoubtedly going to be amazing, thanks to the decision to lock the game’s framerate at 30fps to enhance the resolution, the comment about there being no bugs is what’s getting fans most excited.

It was corroborated by another reviewer, Tyler McVicker, who said they’ve played a total of 15 hours so far and haven’t encountered a single bug yet. That’s quite an impressive feat for a Bethesda title, which is well-known for having its fair share of bugs, glitches and performance issues.

Several updates have also been released for the game prior to its release to ensure maximum levels of polish.

So far so good for Starfield then, and while some fans are still sceptical, and salty it might not win 2023’s Game Of The Year award, the majority are excited to finally dive into everything its galaxy has to offer, bugs or no bugs.

Starfield will launch on the 6th of September for Xbox and PC platforms, though fans who purchased the Constellation Editon will be able to play the game on the 1st of September via early access.

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