Starfield’s first major free update confirmed via job listing

Starfield’s first major free update confirmed via job listing

The time is nigh – the launch of Starfield is finally upon us and fans cannot wait to get their mitts on the upcoming sci-fi RPG from Bethesda.

Starfield will be the largest game that Bethesda has ever developed, not only with the biggest city ever created, but it also features over 1,000 planets and 100-star systems for players to explore. Bethesda will surely be hoping that Starfield has some of that Skyrim magic and will keep fans entertained for years to come.

Check out the Starfield story trailer below.

Recently, Bethesda announced that Starfield has gone gold, which means that it’s completed its main phase of development and is ready for public sale. Exciting! What’s more, to ensure that Starfield has the smoothest launch possible, Bethesda has already begun rolling out pre-launch updates for those that have access to early review codes.

That being said, with the map of Starfield being so vast, we will no doubt meet many alien species, many of which will not speak the same language as us. After all, being introduced to the civilisations of Starfield will be one of its most appealing features. However, while it will be great to meet alien species and hear what languages they speak, what about us humanoids on planet Earth? Just to be clear, I’m talking about real life and not in the game.

Thankfully, as shared in a Reddit thread, it seems that Bethesda has been listening to fans during the development of Starfield and will cater to as many Earthly languages as humanly possible.

“The Starfield community asked for more language localisation, and it seems Bethesda has listened,” tweeted Windows Central Gaming. “Bethesda is looking for two new language localisation producers.”

At the time of writing, Starfield only caters to nine languages worldwide but is now adverting for two additional language producers in Korean and Arabic. Hopefully, Starfield will be localised in your language and if not, at the very least, additional languages may be added at a later date. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed.

Starfield has a release date of 6 September 2023 for PC and Xbox Series X|S. Unless you’ve pre-ordered the Premium or Constellation Edition. If so, then your release date is 1 September. Starfield will also launch on Xbox Game Pass.

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