Starfield’s new live action trailer probably inspires more emotion than the entire game will

Starfield’s new live action trailer probably inspires more emotion than the entire game will

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And that’s not saying much

Image credit: Bethesda Softworks

If you’re keenly awaiting next month’s launch of Starfield, Bethesda’s new open-world sci-fi RPG, you can skip the new trailer. It’s one of those live-action affairs with CG up the wazoo, complete with an ‘epic’ cover of Elton John’s Rocket Man that would bring a tear to the eye of Zack Snyder*, and only Zack Snyder. It does not show the game at all, nor does it capture the thrill of escaping our Earthly bonds to find a load of grey rocks just like we have at home. But you can watch the trailer below.

This is not Starfield

And you can be sure that not a single quest in Starfield will inspire a fraction of the emotion that mawkish thing did.

As a huge fan of walking simulators where you explore vast alien worlds and get lost in alien cities and walk across the surface of a comet and witness apocalypses and that’s all you do, Starfield looks so boring to me. I would rather have no formal tasks than Bethesda’s customary endless boring tasks. A handful of good quests and interesting NPCs and pretty places can never redeem the huge amount of tedium and busywork and uninteresting systems. The boring stuff is not a neutral presence; it makes the game worse by wasting time and burying the few good bits. I understand that a colossal quantity of boring stuff will still inspire wonder because wow, it’s amazing, I can’t believe they put something boring over every hill and in every corner, but I do not find that remotely satisfying. Still, I look forward to all the mods people will make to add interesting, personal, silly, and monstrously sexual things to Bethesda’s grey sandbox.

Sorry, I don’t really write news posts anymore so I’ve had a lot of this bottled up.

Starfield launches on the 6th of September on Windows and Xbox Xeriex XS. It’ll cost £60 on Steam and will also be covered by Game Pass subscriptions.

* A few minutes after I wrote this silly joke, Zack Snyder appeared live on stage to promote his new movie. Sorry. I think that’s my fault.

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