Tekken 8 Release Date Possibly Leaked Through Digital Storefront

Tekken 8 Release Date Possibly Leaked Through Digital Storefront

Bandai Namco Entertainment has put out so many Tekken 8 trailers without any mention of when the full game was coming out. However, it seems like a reliable leaker has taken upon themselves to reveal the rumored Tekken 8 release date.

It looks like Tekken 8 is coming out in 2024

Reliable leaker Aggiornamenti Lumia tweeted that Tekken 8 is coming out on January 26, 2024, making it one of the few 2024 titles with an exact date. Aggiornamenti Lumia often seems to pull their data from the Xbox Store or Microsoft Store and has been correct many times in the past. They were right on the release dates Payday 3, Lords of the Fallen, and Diablo 4, just to name a few.

It seems like this announcement was likely scheduled for Gamescom Opening Night Live on August 22, as game director Katsuhiro Harada is meant to make an appearance at the show. Other Tekken 8 leaks have pointed to possible future roster reveals, so this entry has been prematurely exposed in a number of different ways.

Harada even made some comments on the Tekken 8 roster leaks, calling it a “side effect of the growing scale in all aspects.” He noted that the team will able to identify future leakers because of some changes made behind the scenes in the early builds. This is much more nuanced than his comedic approach to some Tekken 7 leaks that happened near the Tekken World Tour Finals in 2019. It remains to be seen what he thinks of this reported release date leak.

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