Tesla App Update Lets Siri Control Your Car

Tesla App Update Lets Siri Control Your Car

Apple’s Siri shortcuts can easily unlock doors and more.

Justin Duino / How-To Geek

Tesla does an excellent job of constantly releasing software upgrades with new features and other improvements, including the latest update for Tesla’s iOS companion app. While CarPlay is still missing, you can now tell Siri to open the trunk or lock the doors thanks to iOS shortcut support.

First spotted by Tesla North, the latest Tesla iOS app version 4.24.0 changelog states you can “Access your vehicle controls and climate from the Apple Shortcuts app,” which essentially lets you (and Siri) command your EV.

Previously, Tesla owners could take advantage of select features or controls through the Tesla app, but it was limited. However, some third-party apps do offer more control. Thanks to the latest update, the official iOS app fully integrates with Apple Shortcuts, which lets Siri complete tasks with one tap or voice command.

For example, you can set a shortcut where Siri will fire up the Tesla app, fumble through any controls, and instantly hit the “unlock doors” button. Instead of doing all this yourself, say, “Hey Siri, unlock my doors,” and Siri will handle the rest. Other shortcuts include starting or stopping battery preconditioning, start/stop charging, opening the trunk, frunk, or charging port, and access to climate controls. Yes, you’ll be able to instantly turn on Dog Mode or Sentry Mode.

Being able to quickly remotely lock or unlock the doors of a Tesla with nothing more than a voice command is wonderful. Furthermore, this works on the iPhone and an Apple Watch, which is pretty neat. Tapping your wrist and telling a watch to control an electric vehicle has some serious Inspector Gadget vibes. You can set up other impressive automations as well, since many other apps support shortcuts on iPhone.

While some of these features are nothing new for those paying for third-party apps like “Tessie,” having iOS shortcuts directly inside the official Tesla app is a welcome change. Remember that you can use Tesla’s pre-made Shortcuts or custom-make your own as you see fit. Who knows, maybe we’ll eventually get that rumored AirPlay update that’ll unlock even more personalization and control.

Source: Tesla North via AppleInsider

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