The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game: Best Escape Exits

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game: Best Escape Exits

As the victim in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, the main aim of the game is to escape the killer’s lair, and exits are everywhere.


    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

    PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One


    Sumo Nottingham

    Gun Interactive


    M For Mature 17+ due to Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game has had fans excited all week, after the asymmetrical multiplayer game’s big release. The game gives fans the unique opportunity to play as a victim or killer, reliving classic scenarios from the original movie. The game introduces gamers to five new potential victims: Ana, Connie, Leland, Julie, and Sonny. Each victim has certain abilities unique to them and must work as a team to escape from the farm.

Fans of Gun Interactiveare expecting and hoping Texas Chainsaw Massacre will challenge and eventually replace Friday the 13th: The Game as the best horror title on the market. However, it faces stiff competition from Dead By Daylight. If gamers are playing as the victim, the aim of the game is to escape from the farm, avoiding the wrath of Leatherface and his family. There are plenty of escape exits to take, in order to survive within an inch of the characters’ life. There will be darkness to contend with and plenty of stumbling due to the nature of the surroundings, but if players follow these routes, they are sure to live to fight another day.

Rear Exit/Car Battery

leland with the car

Getting electrocuted is probably a marginally better way to die than being hacked to pieces by the best build of Leatherface, with his chainsaw in tow. However, when trying to escape through the rear exit, the area is electrified, so players must be careful not to touch it too soon, or it’ll be fried human remains that the cannibalistic family has for their dinner.

Follow the cable leading away from the exit, until reaching a car. The car battery has the cable attached to it so interaction with it is needed until the prompt disappears. The exit becomes free to escape from, minus the electricity pumping through it. It’s also locked, so the player will need a tool to pry the door open. After following all of these steps, freedom is just around the corner.

Pressure Valve Exit

pressure valve exit

Being stuck in the basement is a terrifying ordeal, but there is a way out, though just takes quite a lot of effort. But when it’s a choice between surviving or getting hacked to pieces, it’s worth the effort, especially when playing with friends.

There are signs that point toward the valve door, but the exit is blocked by a pressure valve pump. The player must look for an object that has a valve attached to it, walk up to it and remove the valve from the object.

Next, the player must find the big canister and attach the valve to it. Turn it until the pressure goes through the roof. The exit will open but only for a certain amount of time. If a family member notices it before the player gets there, they are able to repair it, so speed is of the essence.

Fuse Box Exit

fusebox exit

Similarities can be drawn between the fusebox exit and the pressure valve exit, in that the player needs to find a certain item in order to open a door to a different location. The player can find the door by searching for a regular basement escape method. If the player wants to get through this door, they will need to find the fusebox and the fuse.

The player must remove the fuse and then make their way to the fusebox. Find an unlock tool as this will be needed to get the fuse into it. In order to pry the door open, the fusebox needs repairing, which is done by moving fuse pairs into the correct place. When the numbers turn green, it’s a success, and the next step is to head to the basement escape door. Time is once again of the essence as the exit door shuts automatically.

Road Exit/Generator

car exit, characters bleeding out

Everyone remembers Sally’s escape from the farm in the movie, via the road, with Leatherface firing up his chainsaw as she jumps into a van and heads away from danger. The pressure was on for the game to live up to the big expectations of fans regarding the events of the movie. Thankfully, the game does very well with its escape exits, just like Friday the 13th: The Game did.

In the game, there’s a big green light next to the locked gate which leads to the road exit. The aim is to follow the cable from it to then find a generator powering it. The victim will start to kick when they interact with the generator. When the victim has hit the generator multiple times, the gate will lose power and shut off completely. Similar to the rear exit, the player will need an unlock tool to force open the gate before mounting an escape from the family members‘ lair.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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