The V8-Powered 2024 Mercedes-AMG GT Is The Rebirth Of The Original SLC

The V8-Powered 2024 Mercedes-AMG GT Is The Rebirth Of The Original SLC

This is the new Mercedes-AMG GT coupe, and my word does it ever lean into its name. Bigger, plusher, and with more seats than before, this new top-shelf AMG coupe is an SL with a fixed roof in pursuit of both the Porsche 911 and greater mass appeal. It turns out the old car might’ve been a little too nuts for country club clientele. Oops. Might this new AMG GT fulfill its mission, and how does it relate to its nameplate’s legacy? Let’s find out.

Mercedes Amg Gt 63 Front

Up front, the new AMG GT certainly looks the part. Rounder, almond-shaped headlights score a friendlier face than on the fundamentally similar SL cabriolet, and the front fascia is substantially cleaner with the necessary grille area for cooling hidden within a deeper, single-frame grille. It’s a relatively successful cheat, bringing some AMG GT DNA onto a new form.

Mercedes Amg Gt 63 Rear

Less successful is the taillight treatment, akin to the bridged-by-plastic setup seen on the recently-unveiled Mercedes-Benz CLE coupe. As this is supposedly an all-AMG car, it feels weird to see a styling link to a standard Mercedes model like that, and it’s doubly strange because the treatment just looks cheap. It would be perfectly acceptable on a $35,000 midsize sedan, but on a flagship coupe? I don’t think so.

Mercedes Amg Gt Comparison

Around the side, the new AMG GT’s differences from the outgoing car become most stark. The dash-to-axle ratio is substantially smaller than on the extremely cab-rearward previous car, with the whole silhouette adopting far more normal proportions. While the old SLS-derived architecture likely wasn’t sustainable for another generation, the new car is so much less visually-crazy than the old one, it almost doesn’t feel like a clean lineage.

Mercedes-Amg Gt 63 Interior

Inside the new AMG GT, you’ll find a seating surprise. Instead of a parcel shelf, two tiny rear seats offer Porsche 911-like second-row accommodations, perfect for quick jaunts to the tennis club or carrying small dogs. If that sounds impressive, you’ll likely appreciate how the front row is more luxurious than ever before. It adopts the SL roadster’s dashboard wholesale, 11.9-inch touchscreen infotainment system and all. Of equal importance, the new car’s shifter doesn’t require you to dislocate your shoulder to go from reverse to drive, a marked improvement over the old car’s haphazard ergonomics.

Mercedes Amg Gt 63 Engine Bay

Thankfully, downsizing nonsense seems to have steered clear of the AMG GT for now. Regardless of whether you choose the AMG GT 63 or the AMG GT 53, you’ll get a four-liter twin-turbocharged V8. In the entry-level 53 model, it kicks out 469 horsepower and 516 lb.-ft. of torque, while the 63 model pumps that up to 577 horsepower and 590 lb.-ft. of torque. Regardless of which model you choose, something else lurks beneath the skin that would’ve been unthinkable on the previous car — all-wheel-drive. AMG’s 4MATIC+ system helps the entry-level model run from zero-to-62 mph in a claimed 3.9 seconds, while the 63 lights off the dash in a scant 3.2 seconds. This new car should be more controllable by newbies than the old AMG GT, but part of the appeal of the old car was that it wasn’t.

Mercedes Amg Gt 63 Wheels

The new AMG GT also receives way more active handling systems than the old car. We’re talking about inter-linked hydraulic dampers, active roll stabilization, and four-wheel steering. All stuff designed to mask the curb weight of this new, softer AMG GT. In GT 63 4MATIC+ trim, this thing weighs 4,343 pounds. That’s 716 pounds more than the old AMG GT S, an enormous amount of weight for a performance-oriented coupe and a signal of the new car’s intent.

Mercedes Amg Gt 63 Rear Motion

The old AMG GT always erred more on the side of sports car than GT. Agile, fast, and relatively raw for a Mercedes-Benz, it was modern big phallus-shaped sports car nirvana with just enough trunk space and ride quality to possibly grand tour, if you’re a bit mad. The new car seems to have pulled a 180, with tiny rear seats, a huge curb weight, and enough gadgetry to attempt a run as an S-Class coupe successor.

If anything, it seems like an AMG SLC. You know, like the long-wheelbase, fixed-roof SL from the ‘70s and ‘80s. Back then, it was a more comfortable, more family-friendly hardtop version of Benz’s popular roadster. The new AMG GT should appeal to far more people than the old one, but it seems like it’s lost the edge that the old car had. Has the German Viper been de-fanged? We’ll have to drive one to find out. However, from where we sit, the new AMG GT seems to have grown out its wisdom teeth. It’s no hardcore sports car, but instead a Porsche 911-fighter built down to a science. Let’s hope some of the old car’s feral nature remains.

(Photo credits: Mercedes-AMG)

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