This absurd PC with 7 RTX 4090s costs an eye-watering $31,600 | Digital Trends

This absurd PC with 7 RTX 4090s costs an eye-watering $31,600 | Digital Trends

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Given its sky-high price, it’s safe to say most people do not own an Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU, despite it being one of the best graphics cards you can buy. At $1,499 a pop, it costs more than most PCs, yet one company has just launched a monstrous computer kitted out with no less than seven RTX 4090s. The asking price? €28,999, or roughly $31,600.

Dreamed up by German PC builder Mifcom, the appropriately named Big Boss not only stacks in seven of Nvidia’s most powerful graphics cards, but fits each of them with a watercooler too. Those GPUs bring a combined 168GB of video memory to the table for an absolutely absurd amount of power.


That’s all complemented by a 64-core Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5995WX CPU worth approximately $6,499, 128GB of RAM, and 4TB of SSD storage. Those are all extremely powerful parts, but it’s the GPU array that makes this a luxury setup that feels ostentatious and almost ridiculous.

MIfcom has stated, however, that the RTX 4090s run at 300W — a third less than their maximum 450W power draw — as running them all at full tilt simply wouldn’t be possible given the enormous power requirements involved. Indeed, the Big Boss packs in not one but two 2000W power supplies to handle the gargantuan requirements of its components.

Not for your average gamer

The Mifcom Big Boss PC from the side.

Clearly, this kind of colossus is not designed for your average gamer looking to while away the hours on Stardew Valley. Instead, it’ll be aimed squarely at people needing a high-end machine for video rendering, machine learning and other demanding workloads.

And while the price may seem incredibly steep, it’s not that unusual in the world of top-spec computing. Apple’s Mac Pro, for example, comes in at $12,348 if you equip it with all of the most powerful options available, and we very much doubt it could match the graphical output of seven RTX 4090s. Before the transition to Apple silicon, a maxed-out Mac Pro would set you back over $52,000.

Despite all the power, Mifcom says it makes the Big Boss “without flashy lighting” for a “discreet look.” So at least you won’t be blinded by rainbow lights when you empty your wallet for one of these machines.

Still, it’s not exactly going to be flying off the shelves at your local PC hardware store. At a time of rising living costs, most average computer users will likely take one look at the Big Boss’s price tag and wince. But we’re sure there will be plenty of extremely demanding pro users looking at this machine with interest.

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