Warzone 2 expert discovers OP one-shot melee glitch that could “ruin” game – Charlie INTEL

Warzone 2 guru Metaphor has uncovered a “super broken” glitch that allows players to one-shot enemies with a melee attack, and he fears it could “ruin” the gameplay going forward if the devs don’t issue a patch.

Warzone 2 players are always looking for a way to gain the upper hand on their opponents. Whether it’s running one of the game’s meta weapons, or equipping a specific attachment that unlocks certain advantages, there are plenty of ways to get the edge on your opponents.

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Sometimes, however, fans are able to get one over on the other team by exploiting bugs or glitches that have made their way into Warzone 2 unintentionally, which often have major effects on the way the game is played.

Now, Warzone expert Metaphor has uncovered a melee glitch that can kill a fully-plated enemy in just one shot.

Metaphor reveals one-shot melee glitch in Warzone 2

In his August 20 video, the YouTuber explained that equipping a Throwing Knife alongside any SMG in Warzone 2 allows players to one-shot enemies with a melee attack. He said that Throwing Knives are “completely bugged” right now and can down a fully-plated Operator with a click of R3/RS.

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He said: “If you’re using an SMG and a Throwing Knife, as long as you have the SMG out and you melee with it, it’s a one-shot kill.”

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The devs have been extremely careful when it comes to weapon balancing in Warzone 2, with only a handful of Sniper Rifles capable of one-shotting opponents. With this in mind, one-shot melee attacks could majorly upset the meta.

However, Metaphor also mentioned that the glitch does come with some drawbacks. The melee attack will only one-shot players that are standing upright or dolphin diving, while those who are crouched or prone will receive the regular amount of damage.

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Despite these caveats, the YouTuber was still concerned about the effect that this bug could have on matches going forward if the devs don’t release a fix soon.

“It’s super broken, I’m praying they fix this because the game is going to be unplayable if everyone picks up on it,” he added.

The Warzone 2 devs are yet to comment on the issues but don’t be surprised to the glitch patched very soon once they catch wind of it.

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