What Are They Saying? Reactions to the Starfield Title Screen Controversy

What Are They Saying? Reactions to the Starfield Title Screen Controversy

World of Warcraft developer Mark Kern controversially tweeted a picture of the highly anticipated upcoming RPG Starfield’s title screen earlier this week, claiming it was underwhelming and showed that the team involved “didn’t care.” This prompted a response from Pete Hines, Bethesda’s head of publishing, who called Kern’s post “unprofessional.” What have gamers been saying about the latest controversy in the gaming world?

Robert Nichols, Software Engineer

“Wow folks, we really might be getting that Kern/Hines dream match we’ve always talked about!”

Eddie Bishop, Unemployed

“Do these guys know that eventually there’s a whole game they’ll be able to play and fight about?”

Darcy Snow, Student

“Honestly, I’ll be happy if it the title screen doesn’t have any bugs”

Oliver Dillon, games journalist

“I find this all very fascinating. I’ve always wondered what the most boring possible subject is that we could talk about, and I think we figured it out!”

Jaden Baird, Retail Employee

“I think developers ought to be to criticize each other without fear that those developers will then say stuff back to them. It hardly seems fair.”

Steve Harvey, Host – Family Feud

“Now why in the hell would you ask me about some nonsense like that?”

Evan Nixon, Electrician

“I get it. If the guy’s really into title screens, he’s probably sad about how nothing comes out on DVD anymore. Let him have this.”

Hector Wright, Discord Mod

“Maybe we shouldn’t review games until we’ve, you know, played them.”

Alina Lowery, Postal Worker

“So the guy didn’t like the title screen, and made a little assumption about the effort level of the entire project over the course of years. What’s the big deal?”

Lisa Ortiz, Influencer 

“I can’t imagine caring about any part of this story in any way at all.”

Joseph Blackwell, Hotel Manager

“I am a parent of three, so most of my supposed gaming time is actually spent with the game on the title screen as I run around taking care of shit. This discussion is extremely relevant to me.

Todd Howard, Director – Starfield

Luckily if players don’t enjoy the title screen, there will be 1,000 more for them to choose from in Starfield.

Freddy Duke, Entrepreneur

“That’s too bad. I was certain Starfield was going to have one of the best title screens of the year. How embarrassing for Bethesda.”

Spencer Crosby, Bartender

“I honestly hope they didn’t care about the title screen. Good for them. I hope the title screen guy went home after lunch every day and no one noticed.”

Dalton Camby, Fifth Grader

“Title screens? My god, I’m too old for this shit.”

Shigeru Miyamoto, developer – Nintendo

“A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed title screen literally doesn’t matter at all.”

Jonas David, personal trainer

“I’m not that opinionated one way or another, but please let me know if you need my help review-bombing anything.”

Molly Garrett, Stylist

“Wow, so there’s ‘slow news days,’ and then there’s ‘title screen discourse days,’ huh?”

Arnold Chase, hardware store manager

“Son, you have to get out of my store, and don’t ever come back.”

Dennis Berg, graphic designer

“I was actually on the fence about Starfield, but this discussion has helped me figure out what I want to do: quit playing video games altogether.”

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