YouTube TV takes a page out of Google TV’s live tab design

YouTube TV takes a page out of Google TV’s live tab design

YouTube TV’s live guide makeover gives it a cleaner look

YouTube TV’s refreshed live guide tab, which debuted earlier this year, was a breath of fresh air for cord-cutters who were tired of scrolling through endless channels to find something to watch. It’s now easier than ever to find the content you’re actually interested in thanks to its condensed grid, curated recommendations, and episode descriptions at the top. It’s also a way to help you avoid decision fatigue, which can happen when you have too many streaming services to choose from. ​​​​​But Google isn’t done tweaking the streaming TV service’s channel guide interface, with a new minor redesign now making its way to users.

As spotted by a Reddit user, YouTube TV‘s live guide now displays channel tiles in a much cleaner design (via 9to5Google). The update brings the UI more in line with Google TV’s revamped live tab, which arrived in April with the rollout of the platform’s free, built-in streaming channels alongside free channels for all users.

The live guide’s makeover includes new radial edges on channel tiles and a darker background. This refreshed look makes it easier to find what you’re looking for and read the titles of live and upcoming shows.

Google is known for its ever-changing design, so it wouldn’t be a total shock if the subtle design cues from the new YouTube TV live guide made their way to other parts of the platform. But for now, it looks like these changes are exclusive to the live TV experience.

YouTube TV is redesigning its live guide because it understands the importance of first impressions. When it comes to streaming services, the live guide is often the first thing that users see. So by making it more visually appealing and easier to use, the service is hoping to attract new cord-cutters who are looking for a user-friendly streaming experience.

The redesign comes a few weeks after YouTube TV launched a three-week trial for new subscribers and offered $8 off their monthly bill for the first three months, bringing the price down to $64/month.

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