Assassin’s Creed meets Red Dead Redemption 2 in eye-wateringly beautiful new open-world RPG

Assassin’s Creed meets Red Dead Redemption 2 in eye-wateringly beautiful new open-world RPG

An upcoming RPG looks like the stunning amalgamation of some of the best AAA games of the last decade.

If you tuned into Gamescom’s Opening Night Live show last night, you’ll no doubt remember Crimson Desert, the new RPG that’s borrowing the parkour from Assassin’s Creed, the narrative brilliance of Red Dead Redemption 2, and the open-world spectacle of Elden Ring.

Take a look at Crimson Desert‘s new trailer below.

Developed by Pearl Abyss, Crimson Desert was officially announced in 2021 and was proudly showed off with a new gameplay trailer during last night’s Gamescom livestream, alongside campaign gameplay for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare III, a Little Nightmares 3 announcement, and much more.

The new gameplay showcased the main character exploring the enormous fantasy world of Pywel, along with some of the characters and activities you’ll be encountering during your adventure.

Traversal will be a big part of the game, with the player utilising parkour to climb surfaces, ride around on a horse, or use magic to fly/glide across the map. The latter power was shown in yesterday’s trailer, and saw the player ride their horse off a cliff before jumping off and flying away, the horse wasn’t so lucky…

Players will also be ticking off quests on a job board Witcher 3-style, going fishing (because every great game needs a fishing minigame) and buying food and animals, when you’re not locked in intense combat segments anyway.

It gives off major Red Dead Redemption 2 vibes, with a world that you can tirelessly explore, but also take a break in to soak up the atmosphere.

Crimson Desert currently has no official release date, but it’s been confirmed that the game will release on PC and consoles.

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