Baldur’s Gate 3 devs praise creative player who obliterated entire Goblin Camp – Dexerto

One Baldur’s Gate 3 player has managed to earn praise from devs and fans alike after creatively obliterating the entire Goblin Camp.

Using a sequence of explosive barrels, Baldur’s Gate 3 player Okoii orchestrated a chain reaction that resulted in a fiery spectacle and a hilarious video clip that quickly went viral.

The video, posted to YouTube and later tweeted by Okoii with the caption, “Thank you for making this game, it is an absolute masterpiece. I blew up Goblin Camp in celebration,” showcases the meticulous placement of barrels throughout the Goblin Town. The barrels were lined up in such a way that the explosion of the first led to a domino effect, ending with a massive explosion set to classical music.

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The clip even earned the praise of Swen Vincke, CEO of Larian Studios and Director of Baldur’s Gate 3, who tweeted, “And here I thought we’d been conservative on the amount of explosives – love it!”

Baldur’s Gate 3, a game known for its flexibility and freedom in tackling challenges, has seen players come up with unique solutions to in-game problems. From collecting and sorting all dead NPC corpses and insane sex speedruns to using the game’s tools to create something more destructive, the game encourages outside-the-box thinking.

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Okoii’s explosive barrel sequence is a perfect example of this creativity. With a backdrop of classical music, the resulting explosion was not only massive but also caused structural damage and killed all NPCs in the area. The final shot of the video showcased four barbarian halfling players standing over the ruins, looking on after this explosive masterpiece.

The community has been quick to praise Okoii’s creativity and editing skills, with some even dubbing them a “barrelmancer” for their work. The setup and editing process alone took about eight hours, showcasing a level of dedication that has resonated with fans.

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As a game that continues to reward clever player thoughts and schemes, such as Okoii’s explosive creativity, it’s no wonder why Baldur’s Gate is regarded as one of the very best games of 2023.

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