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Some Baldur’s Gate 3 players are respeccing their Companions into different classes, introducing some fantastically funny results and previously unseen voice lines.

Baldur’s Gate 3 prides itself on its versatility, allowing players to complete quests their own way, build relationships with whatever Companion they choose, and create an entirely unique character. This creativity can sometimes extend to Companions thanks to respeccing.

Essentially, respeccing Companions allows you to keep your favorite character and build them to fit around your party instead, changing Gale from a Wizard to a Bard for example. Now, some players have discovered the hilarious results they get when respeccing the Companions into obscure classes.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 players have discovered power of respeccing Companions

Posting onto Reddit, one Baldur’s Gate 3 player shared what happened when they respected Gale from his traditional Wizard class into an Assassin Rogue, stating: “I had taken a liking to Gale so I decided to respec him as an Assassin Rogue. I figured it could make sense considering his condition that he would have been rendered entirely incapable of channeling magic and that he would make do as a rogue, since they have the most approachable skills.”

They then went on to explain how, once they’d given him a rapier and a hat, he turned into “such a hilarious character” primarily because “most of his stealth lines are decidedly anti-stealth (Get me out of here!, I’m not the person you want for this, I’m fairly certain this is illegal, etc..)”

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The poster explained how poor Gale is “completely neurotic and out of his element without his magic and the moments where he talks about all he lost hit way harder now too,” essentially making him feel like a different character.

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Shortly after posting, the story blew up, with over 1,000 comments at the time of writing. A fair amount of those comments were discussing the hilarious ramifications of respeccing any Companions into a Bard, with one explaining how “characters actually voice lines when using Vicious Mockery” in which tons of players started sharing the best insults their Bard Companions have shared.

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One made Astarion into a College of Sword Bard, revealing that: “His Vicious Mockery lines absolutely kill me,” going on to share one of his lines: “Is that your face? My word.”

Others began getting excited about this idea, with many highlighting, “Now I really want to know what Karlach’s lines are.”

The Bard respec wasn’t the only element fans had enjoyed, with one explaining that they’ve “heard that monk Karlach makes hilarious martial arts noises while fighting.” Shortly after, many others agreed, calling it the “best choice I made in this game.”

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All the new lines from Vicious Mockery and the fact that the voice actors’ lines change in battle depending on their class certainly feel like a reason to start another playthrough with an all-Bard party, almost making a band as hilarious as another player’s idea.

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