Corsair’s Modular Standing Desk Matches Your Ever-Changing Setup

Corsair’s Modular Standing Desk Matches Your Ever-Changing Setup

Corsair’s first standing desk is as customizable as it gets.

Corsair might be a little late to the standing desk market, but it came out swinging with the all-new Corsair Platform:6 standing PC desk. Instead of a desk barely big enough for a laptop or single monitor, Corsair’s option is as spacious as it gets, extremely customizable, and modular enough to fit any user’s needs.

If you want to elevate your space for gaming, streaming, content creation, or working from home, you’ll want to check it out. According to the press release, this standing desk will be available in multiple configurations. However, it sounds like the standard package includes dual monitor arms, Corsair’s modular rail system, cable management trays, built-in cubby storage, and several different USB ports for charging all your gear.

The Corsair Platform:6 has a large six-foot wide surface, with built-in modular rail systems for mounting everything from monitors, lights, boom mics, and more. Better yet, there’s even an interesting “Creator Edition” that offers the new Elgato multi-frame pegboard, so you can mount and store cameras, lenses, gaming controllers, or add decorations to your setup. Then, if six feet isn’t enough, there are optional side extensions you can put on either side for more space. From the look of Corsair’s photos, the Platform:6 looks like the ultimate all-in-one desk with endless ways to organize and set up any work or gaming station.

Even if you don’t plan on going all-out with your standing desk, the Platform:6 has optional dual electric motors for height adjustments with an LCD controller and multiple presets, along with two different color options. Then, to fit all the diverse lifestyles these days, Corsair will offer a plethora of additional add-ons or accessories, meaning users can start small and improve things as they see fit.

Corsair mentions that the Platform:6 design has future expansion in mind, so we could see the list of add-ons and expansion features grow as time goes on. While this all looks great in terms of a modular standing PC desk, we don’t have a price tag yet, but it’ll likely cost a pretty penny when it arrives in Q4 later this year.

Source: Corsair

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