Corsair’s standing desk might finally tempt me to buy one | Digital Trends

Corsair’s standing desk might finally tempt me to buy one | Digital Trends


Corsair has just unveiled a pretty exciting desk during Gamescom 2023. That’s saying a lot, considering that desks aren’t the most thrilling part of owning a computer — but this one defies the odds and has definitely piqued my interest. Made to suit both hardcore gamers and creatives, the Corsair Platform:6 is a modular desk that offers adjustable height, plenty of space, and accessories to help you customize it even further.

The Platform:6 desk can be a standing desk thanks to the motorized adjustable height (which you can set up to remember several presets), but that’s not unlike most of the standing desks that we already know and love. What makes it stand out is the modular rail system that promises to help every user, from remote workers to streamers, build a desk that fits their particular needs. Customers will be able to use an online configurator to pick the accessories they want, but Corsair is also readying up some bundles, such as a “Creator Edition” of the desk.

It’s currently hard to tell what comes with the desk and what’s an accessory that’ll cost you extra. The desk itself appears to come with a cable management tray to keep things tidy, USB Type-A and Type-C charging ports, and dual monitor arms. You can make the desk even wider than it is by adding dual extensions on each side, but it’s 6-feet-wide to begin with, so there seems to be plenty of room already.

The Corsair Platform:6 desk over a white background.

As far as accessories go, we know that there’ll be several optional hanging pegboards for things like game controllers, headphones, or streaming gear. Corsair will also support multi-mount accessories that are, again, helpful to streamers, including attachments for cameras, microphones, or ring lights.

With plenty of options for storage and extensions, this desk sounds pretty great if you’re like me and tend to have a messy workspace (despite your best efforts). To make the most of Platform:6, you might need to spend a pretty penny on Corsair’s own accessories, but the modular rail system and the top-mounted pegboard imply that you’ll also be able to pick and choose between Corsair gear and aftermarket options. Those who are into 3D printing can customize it even further.

How much will the Corsair Platform:6 cost? No idea yet, but it likely won’t be cheap. However, it won’t be long until we know for sure, as Corsair promises to launch this product in the fourth quarter of 2023.

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