Galaxy S24 Ultra To Have The Lowest Screen-To-Body Ratio For A Samsung Flagship Since The Galaxy S10, Cl…

Galaxy S24 Ultra To Have The Lowest Screen-To-Body Ratio For A Samsung Flagship Since The Galaxy S10, Cl…

The Galaxy S24 Ultra was rumored to get a display upgrade, but the lack of details meant that a ton of speculation was involved. Unfortunately, when it comes to the screen-to-body ratio, one tipster has some disappointing news for those wanting to upgrade next year while demanding a futuristic look. Apparently, the upcoming flagship will have the lowest screen-to-body ratio since the Galaxy S10, a premium Samsung smartphone that launched four years ago.

The screen-to-body ratio of the Galaxy S24 Ultra could reach 88 percent, according to a new rumor

The bezels of the Galaxy S24 Ultra may not be symmetrical, according to the information shared by Ice Universe, but the tipster claims that the upcoming flagship will have a screen-to-body ratio of 88 percent, which is the lowest since the Galaxy S10’s inception. The new rumor states that the top and bottom bezels will measure 3mm, while the left and right ones will measure 3.42mm, matching the bezels of the Galaxy A54, a mid-range handset.

While Ice Universe has not mentioned why Samsung would proceed towards a downgrade of the display, it may due to cost savings, though the top-tier smartphone was said to feature iPhone 15 Pro-like slim bezels, according to a previous rumor. Since the tipster mentions that the post on X is based on available data, it is possible that he has yet to receive the full picture from those leaking this information to him.

According to the available data, the width of the S24 Ultra bezel (middle frame bezel + screen bezel) has broken a new record, reaching 3.42mm, which is about the same as the Galaxy A54.
Left: 3.42mm, Right: 3.42mm. Top: 3.0mm. Bottom 3.0mm (if symmetrical)
The screen-to-body…

— ICE UNIVERSE (@UniverseIce) August 23, 2023

After all, a massive company like Samsung likely works with multiple Galaxy S24 Ultra prototypes, and this one featured thicker bezels than the others. Also, it is not in the Korean giant’s best interest to continue lagging in the smartphone department, especially when an earlier prediction from Counterpoint Research said that Apple might dethrone it in overall shipments for the year.

The people who have responded to Ice’s thread are also pessimistic about the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s bezels, suggesting that we may have positive news about the smartphone that may show up in the future, so let us keep our fingers crossed for now. Then again, assuming Samsung approves of this design, it might encourage a massive customer base to start exploring other options, including upgrading to an iPhone 15 Pro or an iPhone 15 Pro Max.

News Source: Ice Universe

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