Hands-on report – Granblue Fantasy: Relink hits PS5 & PS4 Feb 1

Hands-on report – Granblue Fantasy: Relink hits PS5 & PS4 Feb 1

Granblue Fantasy is a known player when it comes to mobile games. It dominated the market for nearly a decade, and with new content released weekly since its inception, it is one of gaming’s most expansive MMORPGs. With millions of players worldwide, countless storylines, and a plethora of colorful characters, the franchise now enters a new unknown world — console gaming. 

A whole new fantasy 

Granblue Fantasy: Relink is a spinoff title in the universe of Granblue for PlayStation. It features a never-before-told story centered around the Captain, the player character, as they explore the Sky Realm. Unlike the main series, the game features a sizable single-player campaign and four-player co-op mode. 

With the shift to console gaming, Cygames wanted battles to feel like spectacles, and they do. Compared to previous games in the series, Relink is an action RPG where players choose from four different adventures on a team at a time, which adventurer you choose significantly changes your battle experience. From quick and nimble range characters to heavy damage-dealing warriors, see the MMO DNA as fights unfold, and remember to remain ever-present through the colorful spectacle of battle. Enemies shoot out status effects, work to separate you from your party, and try to stop links from happening, which are combo attacks with party members. Link together all four members to perform flashy combos that deal massive damage to anything that moves. 

RPG for all 

Considering fans of the franchise may come from mobile, anime, and other media areas, the combat and gear design are streamlined while not alienating more seasoned gamers. Instead of a sprawling open world, the game is divided into large open area levels. Customize your gear and team before entering to tackle those specific challenges. 

There are two assist modes for those new to action-adventure RPGs or gaming altogether. Assist mode is played using only one analog stick and one button to combo and attack, while full assist mode is played with just one analog stick, as the characters auto-attack and combo in every altercation. 

Exploration is encouraged as hidden bosses, and treasures exist for those willing to seek them out. The characters themselves also help bring the world to life, with constant playful banter going on while exploring and even during fights. 

Outside the main story, a four-player co-op mode focuses on tackling the quest for that authentic MMORPG experience. There are over 100 right out the gate, centering around challenging bosses and raiding new areas. Thoughtful teamwork is required, but you’re free to change your loadout for each individual and take them on at your own pace. 

Story and spectacle 

Ancient gods known as Primal Beasts rule this world, and evil forces seek to unleash them upon the land. Cross paths with them at different points in the story, each one being unique and featuring large-scale battles against creatures that reach into the sky or change the landscape–lending to impressive gameplay moments. 

For those looking to learn more about the universe, the anime adaption Granblue Fantasy The Animation will get you up to speed on all you need to know before getting into the game.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink looks to live up to its storied legacy and is a title to check out if you’re a fantasy fan across any genre. Coming to PS5 and PS4 on February 1, 2024.

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