I Almost Want To Explore Starfield’s Earth More Than I Want To Explore Space

I Almost Want To Explore Starfield’s Earth More Than I Want To Explore Space

Travelling among the stars is great and all, but I want to go back to where it all began

Starfield is launching (ha) in just over two weeks. I want to say I’m waiting with bated breath, but more truthfully, I’m fighting against my adult responsibilities to find time to make some decent progress in Baldur’s Gate 3 before then. I want to dive headfirst into Bethesda’s new IP without the guilt of abandoning my potential wife Karlach to her infernal engine, and I desperately want to know how the story ends before I embark on a whole new adventure. It’s especially important that I finish BG3 because I know there’s a good chance I could be playing Starfield for months.

Starfield is going to be a huge game. We’ve all heard the marketing buzzwords: unparalleled freedom, over 1000 planets, your own personalised ship, and possibly the best combat system Bethesda has ever developed. The main pull of Starfield, for most sane people, is that you get to jet around space and do whatever you want. I love a space game, and I love exploration, so I’m pretty excited to see what’s up in the next solar system, but I’m feeling an inexplicable desire to explore future Earth as well.

I know this isn’t likely to be feasible. We don’t even know for sure that Earth will feature in Starfield, due to the general mystery surrounding its planets, the main questline, and the game’s factions. There have been hints that we’ll be able to visit Earth – there’s a huge structure in the trailer that Redditors say looks very much like the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, and Quest Designer Will Shen said in an interview that the player will be returning to our Solar System early in the game to visit Mars and investigate Artifacts, and that you will “get in contact with the question of what happened to Earth”. This doesn’t mean for sure that we’ll get to touch down on Earth in game, but I’m still crossing my fingers.


I’m not sure why I want to see Starfield’s version of Earth so badly, but it might be out of general interest in the post-apocalypse. Yes, I know Fallout already exists – but I want to see how this new universe interprets it. There are already so many theories around what happened to Earth and I’m dying to know what we did to it. I feel there must have been some kind of human fault at play, because human beings are great at messing up our planet. It’s a prime opportunity for Bethesda to explore human nature, and seeing the impacts of our actions by wandering a barren Earth would only make that point hit even harder.

Yes, I want to explore space, but the entire game is about humanity travelling the stars. Humanity is at the core, and while I’m kind of upset we may not be interacting with intelligent alien life, I’m keen on seeing what grand story Bethesda tells about humanity. What we do after leaving Earth matters, but what we did to our first home matters more. I want to see it with my own eyes, and I want to investigate Starfield’s mysteries with my boots on the ground. If that means getting to see Earth, I couldn’t be happier.

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