OnePlus could soon offer AI tools for everything from video editing to job hunting

OnePlus could soon offer AI tools for everything from video editing to job hunting

OnePlus has started surveying people from different countries, asking them to give ratings on the usefulness of generative AI tools.

Key Takeaways

  • OnePlus, known for its successful smartphones, is now venturing into the AI landscape with a range of generative AI tools for tasks like video creation and job search.
  • Users across North America, Europe, and India are invited to participate in a survey where they can rate the usefulness of AI tools like a short video creator app, personalized education app, and browser extensions for fact-checking and image verification.
  • OnePlus is not requiring users to own a OnePlus phone or disclose personal details. It remains unknown which large language models OnePlus will use for these AI applications, but it’s clear the company wants to push its AI efforts to a new level.

OnePlus has managed to earn a good reputation in the phone business with releases like this year’s OnePlus 11, and now, it seems that the Shenzhen tech brand wants to write a similar success story in the AI landscape. The company seems to be working on a bunch of generative AI tools to help you with various tasks, ranging from video creation to finding the job that suits you the best.

OnePlus is asking users across North America, Europe, and India to participate in a survey where the company asks them to rate the usefulness of several AI tools on a scale of 1 to 10. In the survey, the company seeks users’ opinions on an AI-based short video creator app, a personalized education app, and a couple of browser extensions for fact-checking information, finding jobs, checking if an image on a webpage was generated by AI, and generating summaries.

You don’t need a OnePlus phone to participate in the survey, nor has the company made it mandatory to disclose your name, gender, age, and the country you’re based in. You can join the survey by visiting the OnePlus community website.

While OnePlus’ latest survey has made it abundantly clear that it wants to get its hands dirty in the generative AI technology, there are no details on which large language models it will use to build those applications and web extensions. It’ll be interesting to see whether OnePlus develops its own LLM or builds upon existing ones like OpenAI’s GPT-4, which powers ChatGPT, Microsoft’s Bing Chat, and many others.

OnePlus already has experience working on AI features. For example, its camera app uses tons of AI-powered features to enhance the photography and video experience. But with generative AI technology, it seems the company wants to take its AI effort to a new level. And since part of its AI efforts appears to come in the form of Android apps, rumors of OnePlus readying a OnePlus 12 with a massive 24GB RAM could be in an effort to make sure its upcoming flagship phone can run those apps better than other Android phones.

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