PlayStation Plus’ next free game is sending fans absolutely wild

PlayStation Plus’ next free game is sending fans absolutely wild

It’s a good time to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber!

You probably didn’t need to read those words to know they’re true, but it bears emphasising, because PS Plus users will be able to play Sea of Stars on launch day for no additional costs. Technically, it’s a free game, and we’re all about those freebies.

Experience the magic for yourselves in Sea of Stars’ launch trailer.

If you’ve not heard of this pixel-art RPG, not only are we shocked and appalled, but we’re also envious that you get to watch the launch trailer for the very first time. Describing it as a feast for the eyes doesn’t even begin to cover how stunning this game – if you thought Octopath Traveler II was beautiful, wait until you see this.

PS Plus gamers eager to play this one are already going wild over on Reddit, with many frustrated that they have to wait six more days before they can play it in full. Some of you might be thinking that six days isn’t a long time, but as everyone waiting for Starfield’s review embargo to lift knows, those days drag on for what seems like years.

“I played the demo of this game on Switch months ago and I fell in love with literally everything in it. This game looks like it will be genuinely something special,” said one user, much to the agreement of others. While praise for its looks and sound effects are at the heart of the mounting Sea of Stars obsession, it’s also the fact that yet another stellar game is being released that has gamers excited. “Looks so cosy! Between this, Baldur’s Gate, and Starfield I’m gonna be damn busy!” posted LoveMeSomeBerserk. With that many exclamation points, you just know this person is super psyched.

Posted in the PS5 subreddit over 20 hours ago, there’s not a single downvote about this game, which in Reddit terms means it’s a certified banger. If you want to play Sea of Stars, but aren’t a PS5 owner, you can also get this game on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and the Xbox Series – all the bases are pretty much covered here.

When it releases on 29 August, you’ll be able to play Sea of Stars on current-gen consoles and PC.

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