PS Plus Trials has added trophies from one of August 2023’s PS5 games

PS Plus Trials has added trophies from one of August 2023’s PS5 games

The newly released Fort Solis has received a PS Plus Trial for you to check out if you have a Premium tier subscription. Will you be jumping on this trial?

PS Plus Trials has added trophies from one of August 2023’s PS5 games
The Fort Solis trophies are here and we must say they look like a lot of fun. If you agree, then you can give them a test before you purchase the game thanks to a Fort Solis PS Plus Trial that just released alongside the game’s PS5 debut. Who knows, maybe Fort Solis will be a nice addition to our best PlayStation horror games list.

Fort Solis receives a PS5 PS Plus Trial on Premium

Fort Solis‘ trial can be accessed by anybody with a PS Plus Premium subscription and is available on PS5. To enable the trial, you go to the PS Plus tab on your PS5, then to trials, and download the game. Fort Solis is a respectable 7.56GB and shouldn’t take all that long to download. If you are unable to complete the full one-hour trial in one sitting, you can exit the game to pause the countdown — do this rather than pausing in-game.
Fort Solis was released onto PS5 consoles on Tuesday, August 22, 2023, and looks to be quite an exhilarating title from the trailers we’ve seen so far. Taking a quick gander at the Fort Solis trophies and it becomes quite clear that players will need to scavenge every aspect of this game in order to find all the collectibles that are littered around.

Aside from the collectibles, the game doesn’t appear to pose too much of a threat — until you look a little deeper that is. Looking at those who have started playing Fort Solis on TT, there looks to be a number of missable trophies you will need to keep an eye on. It seems you can miss entire sections of the game, fail to save all your crewmates, and miss specific collectibles that may mean you need to do an entire second playthrough. Thankfully, there are no difficulty-trophies to worry about — so, silver linings and all that.

You will likely only be able to grab a handful of trophies during your one-hour trial, however, it should be more than enough to gauge whether you like the game or not. I’m very excited to jump into this Fort Solis PS Plus Trial. The game has been on my radar for some time, but never at the top of my list. However, seeing the trailers and the trophy list, my interest is piqued. This PS Plus Trial will be the perfect way for me to see if this game is my cup of tea or not.

What do you make of Fort Solis? Will you be checking out this PS Plus Trial? Think Fort Solis has any kind of shot of making it onto our best PS5 games list? Let us know all your thoughts and feelings in the comments below!

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