Samsung’s Odyssey Neo G9 57 is the world’s first Dual UHD monitor

Samsung’s Odyssey Neo G9 57 is the world’s first Dual UHD monitor

Samsung has announced the Odyssey Neo G9 57. It’s a Dual UHD Gaming monitor with plenty of nifty features

Source: Samsung

Key Takeaways

  • Samsung announced new gaming monitors. There’s the Odyssey Neo G9 57, the world’s first Dual UHD monitor, and the updated Odyssey Ark 55.
  • The Odyssey Neo G9 57 is priced at $2,500 and offers a 7680×2160 resolution, 32:9 aspect ratio, 240Hz refresh rate, and AMD FreeSync Premium.
  • The Odyssey Ark 55 has updated Samsung MultiView and improved split-screen connectivity, making it a versatile option for gaming, multimedia, work, or play.
  • The monitors will be available for purchase in October.

Gamescom 2023 is kicking off today, September 23, and that means plenty of companies are refreshing their monitors and other gaming accessories. One of those is Samsung, which just announced the new Odyssey Neo G9 57, and the 2023 Odyssey Ark 55. The Odyssey Neo G9 57 is special since it is the world’s first Dual UHD monitor. All these new monitors are set to launch in October.

Coming in at a whopping $2,500, the Odyssey Neo G9 57 is called Dual UHD because it is essentially like having two 32-inch UHD resolution monitors stacked side by side. It packs in a 7,680×2160 resolution, 32:9 aspect ratio, and uses Samsung’s Mini LED technology, for local dimming zones and better contrast. The monitor can hit 1,000 nits of peak brightness and has a 240Hz refresh rate. Of course, for such a premium price, it supports HDR, too, and AMD FreeSync Premium.

If you’re wondering, connectivity onboard includes DisplayPort 2.1, three HDMI 2.1 ports, and a USB hub. With all those inputs, you do end up getting features like picture-by-picture and picture-in-picture, too. And since this is a gaming monitor, there’s the Core Lighting+ on the back that can light up your setup.

On the other side of things, Samsung also announced the updated 2023 Odyssey Ark 55. It’s getting some slight updates, with Samsung MultiView, so you can see 4 inputs at once. Also enhanced is the split-screen connectivity, and new Multi View and KVM switches, helping this gigantic monitor be the single solution for all of your devices, be it gaming, multimedia, work, or play. Samsung did not announce pricing for the updated 2023 Odyssey Ark 55 and just mentioned that it’d be launching in October.

If $2,500 seems like a lot for you, you can try your luck at winning one of these monitors. Just visit the Samsung Odyssey Twitch channel, and tune in to the Odyssey Evolves special event. You can win a gaming setup, which comes with the Odyssey Neo G9.

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