Starfield dev has one big Netflix recommendation before game’s release

Starfield dev has one big Netflix recommendation before game’s release

Anticipation continues to rise for Starfield and, after a lengthy wait for Bethesda’s behemoth space exploration to arrive, the end is in sight.

The countdown for Starfield is now well and truly on, with the game’s early access beginning on Aug. 31 ahead of the global release on Sept. 5.

Despite the release now being right around the corner, fans are still getting itchy feet as they’re desperate to dive in—and Pete Hines has some recommended viewing on Netflix before the big lift-off.

Posting on X, Bethesda’s head of publishing urged fans to head to Netflix and watch Cosmic Time Machine to whet their appetite for their own space explorations.

Starfield fans should watch Unknown: Cosmic Time Machine on Netflix if you haven’t. The Hubble, launch of James Webb telescope…people who really work to discover what’s out there.
Img: Webb’s First Deep Field…”the edge of time” – credit NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI, Webb ERO

— Pete Hines (@DCDeacon) August 18, 2023

Far from sci-fi drama, however, the Netflix documentary tells the story of the James Webb telescope from its development to launch, as it took the reigns from the Hubble telescope in gazing into the abyss of space to discover what is out there.

The James Webb telescope launched on Dec. 25, 2021, with the first images being released to the public the following July and showing off breathtaking scenes from across the universe.

While we’re nowhere near being able to explore the stars fully, Starfield is set to scratch that itch by providing a gripping journey through the cosmos and the Netflix recommendation is the perfect thing to increase your hype levels.

Unfortunately, the documentary clocks in at just over an hour, so while it can provide some comfort while you wait, it’s not going to take up all the time that’s left until Starfield releases.

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