The Galaxy S24 Ultra is set to join other future flagships with an insanely bright display

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is set to join other future flagships with an insanely bright display

Displays have become arguably one of the more impressive and complicated parts of our phones, and rightfully so given that for a long time now it has been the one thing everything else related to the manufacturing process revolves around. In other words, the display is our way to interact with our phone and the manufacturer’s tool to present a large amount of the intended user experience.

So, how can we make them better? Well, according to a tipster going by the nickname itnyang on X, Samsung is preparing a display that can go to 2,200nits for the Galaxy S24 Ultra (via SamMobile). But wait, that’s actually not even the S24 Ultra display’s final form!

IceUniverse who is a reputable leaker — especially for all things Samsung — has jumped in on itnyang’s post saying that the brightness should be even higher than that, with itnyang replying that he has even had a (presumably) S24 Ultra test unit that can reach up to 2800nits! For comparison, the Galaxy S23 Ultra supports a peak brightness of 1750nits.

This massive jump in display brightness probably won’t be something exclusive to the Galaxy S24 Ultra though. If rumors are correct, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are also said to come with the same display technology that allows for these levels of brightness.

In fact, the Oppo Find X6 Pro released in March this year already has this type of display, so it will more likely than not become a new industry standard among the best flagship phones in the next couple of years.

Other Galaxy S24 Ultra display-related leaks we got recently that might pique your interest said that the new high-end Samsung flagship will have record-breaking bezel sizes (3.42mm) and the lowest screen-to-body ratio since 2019. In other words, Samsung seems to be focusing heavily on the display as one of the main areas for improvement with its next premium flagship.

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