The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Leatherface Character Guide

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Leatherface Character Guide

Even if you’ve never seen a horror movie in your life, you’ve no doubt heard about The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Released in 1974, this movie is the very definition of iconic and predates every major horror franchise that we’ve come to look at with such fondness.

Who would’ve thought that years later, we’d get a game that attempts to capture the feeling of such a film? And, of course, you can’t have The Texas Chain Saw Massacre without the literal face of the film, Leatherface. As a mandatory character who plays on the side of the Slaughter Family, he proves to be more complex than you might assume.

Leatherface Strengths And Weaknesses

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Leatherface Bio

As the hulking brute that towers above the other Family members and wields his trademark chainsaw, Leatherface is a force to be reckoned with.

Of all his stats, he has the highest Savagery of all the Family members, able to do high damage with each strike.

While revving your chainsaw, you have the chance to land a critical hit (indicated by black smoke) which can kill a Victim instantly if it lands.

He also has high Endurance, which gives him an advantage when grappling with victims and allows him to recover quickly when stunned by a sneak attack.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Leatherface Swings His Chainsaw On The Road

In terms of mechanics, Leatherface can be a very useful support character since he’s the only one capable of destroying things that can aid the Victims.

By approaching a door, a crawl space, or a barbed-wire barrier, Leatherface can destroy it, thereby removing options for the Victims and eliminating obstacles for the Family.

Since Leatherface is focused on hunting and destruction, he suffers in other areas. His main drawback is his low Blood Harvesting stat which means he’s not the best at feeding Grandpa.

He’s also a bulky figure which means that he can’t fit through crawl spaces, wall gaps, or barbed-wire barriers.

His chainsaw also has a startup time, and he can’t attack unless it’s active, and there’s little reason to turn it off.

This means that Victims will always be able to hear when Leatherface is nearby, so once they’re out of the basement, Leatherface is better off working in tandem with another family member to catch Victims.

How To Play Leatherface

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Leatherface Loadouts

As the star of the franchise, Leatherface is a required character for every match. This is because, true to form, each match begins with all the Victims locked in the basement and Leatherface patrolling nearby.

This is Leatherface’s main time to shine since the basement has a lot of confined spaces and not many spots to hide.

As soon as you get control of Leatherface, you should start looking for Toolboxes and Basement Doors to ambush Victims.

Also, start up your chainsaw immediately and keep it revving so that you’re a constant threat.

You can start destroying doors to create clear paths for you to pursue, but not if there’s a Cook on your side. Since he’s able to place Padlocks that can greatly slow down Victims, it’s best to leave some doors alone.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Leatherface Cosmetics

Whenever you do kill a Victim, you should try to locate Grandpa quickly –he’ll show up as a yellow outline when he yells– to feed him since this is Leatherface’s most efficient way of Blood Harvesting.

Once the Victims do get to the surface, you should hang back and focus on destroying as many barbed-wire barriers as possible not just so that you’ll have a clearer path but so other Family members will have one too.

Leatherface is large and loud, meaning that Victims can spot him quite easily, but this can be used to your advantage. The more obvious you make Leatherface, the better a distraction you are, which can allow another Family member to sneak in for a surprise attack.

Leatherface Build

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Leatherface Skill Tree

Leatherface is already the most powerful hunter who can easily send Victims into a panic, but this makes him one-note.

When looking at his skill tree, it’s best to invest in Perks that allow him to better help out Family players since his spot is guaranteed.

Though you can Respec as much as you want, you should aim for Perks and Powers that make Leatherface more of a team player.

Best Perks and Powers

You’ll learn quickly that Leatherface’s skill tree is quite extensive, but these are the Perks and Powers you should prioritize for the foundation of the build.




Tracker Tagged


A support skill that triggers whenever Leatherface attacks a Victim. Doing so highlights the Victim for a few seconds for all Family members to see.

Rough Cut


This skill compensates for Leatherface’s mobility by causing lingering damage. Attacking a Victim causes them to take some extra damage over time.

Master Key


Learning this will make Leatherface a more threatening pursuer while still clearing a path. It lets you break down latched doors more easily a set number of times.

Blood Banker


Leatherface can max out his blood collection quickly by killing Victims, and this complements that by giving him more storage space.

Animal Farm

Family Power

This lets Leatherface help the Family with tracking by increasing the range that chickens detect Victims.

Well Fed Young’Uns

Family Power

A support power that’s perfect during a hunt or pursuit since it helps all Family members recover a huge chunk of stamina every time Grandpa screams.

Nobody Escapes Hell

Family Power

The point of this power is to buy time for yourself and the Family by making all locks harder to unlock.

Always In Sync

Family Power

A team ability that increases the duration of Family Focus and reduces its cooldown time.

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