Why computer studies is gaining popularity

Why computer studies is gaining popularity



Vijay GarG
Students get hooked on computational studies easily as it is versatile and offers numerous opportunities to solve problems across various fields
In today’s digital age, people from every walk of life are familiarising themselves with computing in some form or the other. Much like reading and writing, computing is being adopted as a fundamental tool for finding solutions to everyday problems.
Computing devices gained popularity and burgeoned into widely used tools to solve personal and industrial problems in the 21st century. Efforts are being made globally to adopt digital gadgets in K 12 and Higher education curricula to enable problem-solving via digital tools. In India, the National Education Policy (NEP 2020) also emphasises the same.  
Computational study is often confused with computer programming. Computer studies is a thought process, whereas computer programming involves the mastery of programming languages to logically implement solutions.  
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