90 gameplay clips of GTA 6 were reportedly leaked via Amazon Fire TV Stick

90 gameplay clips of GTA 6 were reportedly leaked via Amazon Fire TV Stick

The GTA 6 leaked videos, which went viral in 2022, were reportedly accessed via Amazon Fire TV Stick. According to a BBC News report, Arion Kurtaj, who is alleged to have committed the crime, accessed and downloaded 90 unfinished gameplay clips using the media tool. The 18-year-old boy is under police detention and his trial has disclosed shocking details about the incident.

Interestingly, breaching Rockstar Games’ server was not the first crime that the accused committed. As per the report, it was his third act of accessing restricted servers belonging to giant tech companies, and he did it with minimal tools at his disposal.


According to a BBC News report titled “Lapsus$: Court finds teenagers carried out hacking spree,” Arion Kurtaj breached restricted servers owned by BT and EE as well as Nvidia before directing his attention to Rockstar Games. The alleged GTA 6 hacker belongs to a group called Lapsus$, and all the cyber crimes were carried out under the collective name.

Kurtaj got arrested for the second time after the Nvidia breach and was kept in a Travelodge hotel in Bicester. The police kept the hacker in the hotel due to his personal safety issues with strict bail conditions and also barred him from using the internet.


However, the hacker reportedly did not follow the order and got himself an Amazon Fire TV Stick, a newly purchased smartphone, a keyboard, and a mouse. According to the prosecutors, Arion Kurtaj was caught red-handed by a City of London Police team when engaged in hacking.

He allegedly accessed Rockstar Games’ server and stole several unfinished gameplay clips belonging to the next Untitled Grand Theft Auto game. After the act, he messaged Rockstar employees on their official Slack channel and threatened to leak the GTA 6 clips on the internet.


He also claimed to have the source code of the upcoming title and threatened to make it public if the American gaming studio did not contact him on Telegram.

Around 90 clips of the game were released on GTA Forums on September 18, 2022, under the alias “TeaPotUberHacker.” After this incident, Arion Kurtaj was arrested again and detained for his trial.

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