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The arrival of Season of the Witch has seen some weapon perks buffed and certain guns benefit. These buffs have led Destiny 2 players to go back and use an old Fusion Rifle that is proving a powerhouse in Season 22.

With its launch on August 22, Season of the Witch made big changes to Destiny’s ever-growing sandbox. It has introduced three new Exotic armor pieces, numerous weapons, and rebalanced several existing perks.

One of the perks to receive a buff was Envious Assassin. There is no longer a time limit after kills to trigger its effect, it will still trigger when the magazine is overflowed, and the Enhanced version now provides more ammo per kill.

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While Envious Assassin was always popular it is now one of the best traits in Destiny 2. Naturally, guns that get access to it are receiving some extra attention with one particular Fusion Rifle standing out.

Royal Executioner legendary Solar Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2.Bungie

The Royal Executioner has emerged as one of Destiny 2’s best craftable guns in Season of the Witch.

Destiny 2 players love buffed Royal Executioner Fusion Rifle

Destiny 2 fans are in love with the Royal Executioner, a craftable Solar Fusion Rifle that was first available in Season of Defiance. The popular Fusion gets access to the combination of Enhanced Envious Assassin and Reservoir Burst which have great synergy with one another.

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One Reddit post brought attention to this buffed gun: “Do yourself a favour and craft a Royal Executioner… It’s very easy to get 17 in the mag and every round above the usual max will be a Reservoir Burst. Excellent for ad-clear and single target burst damage.”

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OP went on to compare the buffed Royal Executioner to Riptide, stating that it’s “as useful for any build,” as the long-established Stasis Fusion Rifle.

Impressed by both the perk and the gun one user replied: “I genuinely can’t believe they buffed Envious Assassin, it’s so good.”


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The praise continued with other fans responding: “Best Fusion in the game right now, I’ve loved it,” and “This is my go to I crafted one last season great for PvE and PvP.”

Another Guardian offered an alternative setup for Royal Executioner: “Originally crafted it with Reservoir Burst, and it was really good but I kept thinking it’d be best to craft it with Incandescent instead so I did and I don’t regret it. The synergy with the solar subclass is just too good…”

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Thanks to the new gun leveling mechanic Destiny 2 players can craft and level up the Royal Executioner Fusion Rifle using resources. From Level 0 to Level 17 – the level required to get the god roll – it costs 43 Enhancement Cores and 70,000 Glimmer.

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