Destiny 2: The Final Shape reveal whelms players

Destiny 2: The Final Shape reveal whelms players

Destiny 2‘s The Final Shape reveal has come and gone, and, as it turns out, the community isn’t too thrilled about it. Due to launch on February 27, 2024, the long-awaited The Final Shape expansion pack is supposed to fully wrap up the franchise’s seminal Light and Dark saga. With the clash between the two primordial forces officially coming to a close and/or cooling off into a state of equilibrium, some Destiny fans may have expected Bungie to go all-out with a new elemental subclass, a new race of enemies to fight, and more. That, however, isn’t happening for the most part.

Bungie was never going to meet all of its community’s expectations, naturally, but there’s a non-insignificant number of very whelmed and indifferent responses to the latest Destiny 2 showcase on the game’s subreddit. Some have even gone so far as to call the whole event “incredibly weak,” though it’s entirely possible that the studio’s recent problems have caused such cynicism, too.

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Destiny 2 players are not too thrilled about The Final Shape (yet)

While it’s immediately worth pointing out that there is an air of careful optimism to be felt in the destinythegame subreddit, the Destiny 2 Showcase Recap 2023 thread is filled with jaded takes, too. From RayTrain’s simple proclamation of being “whelmed” about the reveal to skyline_crescendo’s announcement that this will be the first time they don’t pre-order a Destiny 2 DLC, there’s a wealth of similar comments to pick and choose from. Players seem to be careful, broadly speaking, about getting overhyped.

Danbuarth, for example, says that they’re hoping “[Bungie is] holding a LOT back,” possibly referring to the fact that Bungie is releasing new Light supers for Destiny 2 instead of delivering an all-new Darkness subclass. AjenoMervielles felt conciliatory – in their own words – saying that there may well be merit in accusations that Bungie is recycling content and leaning heavily onto fan service to keep The Final Shape afloat. Cayde-6 is, after all, making a grand return, and the new area is made up of pieces of old, previously explored architecture.

It’s impossible to say what Bungie is going to deliver with The Final Shape just yet, naturally. There are many moons to go before the DLC drops, and the stakes have never been quite as high before, given that this particular DLC represents a new stage in the franchise’s lifecycle. Time will tell!

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