‘Escape From Tarkov Arena’ Pre-Orders Are Live, Still No Release Date

‘Escape From Tarkov Arena’ Pre-Orders Are Live, Still No Release Date

You can now pre-order Escape From Tarkov Arena

Credit: Battlestate Games

You can now pre order Escape From Tarkov Arena, the upcoming PVP multiplayer shooter, and a lot of new information on the game has been revealed. But crucially there is still no release date or window.

You can pre-order the game on the Tarkov website, although those who already own the Edge of Darkness edition of Escape From Tarkov will get access for free. Pre orders currently cost 37 Euro, and will give you access to the closed beta test and some extra in game items. However, there is no word on when the close beta will start or when the game will actually come out.

The news comes as Escape From Tarkov Arena is being shown at Gamescom in Germany. Press and influencers have been playing the game and a lot more information has been revealed. As we saw in the initial trailers the game takes the core combat mechanics from the core Escape From Tarkov experience, and puts it into a PvP arena shooter, seemingly like Call of Duty multiplayer.

Thanks to the update to the website and news coming out of Gamescom we know that your character across both the main game and Arena will be the same, so you can level up one character across both games, and that there will be four main roles in the game in the form of assault, CQB, scout and sniper. The weapons, mods and meds that you use will be the same as the ones you know from the core Tarkov experience, suggesting that weapon customisation will be a massive part of the game.

Four of the seven announced maps have been somewhat revealed, with the areas looking very similar to some of the Escape From Tarkov maps. Sawmill unsurprisingly looks like the sawmill area from Woods, Bay5 is a cargo warehouse that could be based on multiple maps, and Equator seems to be a redesigned Interchange. Air Pit seems to take place in an airport terminal, while The Bowl, The Box and Resort are all yet to be shown.

As for game modes there are five listed, with four having some detail. Shootout Tournament features a round robin tournament set up where teams of solos, duos or trios fight it against each other. The teams with the most wins from the round robin will advance to a final deciding match. Teamfight sounds like a CS:GO style game mode, with two teams of five competing across 7 rounds to kill each other or capture objective points. Overrun is a PvE set of missions for five players to hold off waves of enemies, while Last Hero is the standard Deathmatch experience.

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