Gamescom 2023: Troy Baker Appears on Stage In Cologne To Mark The Release Of ‘Fort Solis’, His Latest Perfect Powerhouse Performance – FandomWire

Gamescom 2023: Troy Baker Appears on Stage In Cologne To Mark The Release Of ‘Fort Solis’, His Latest Perfect Powerhouse Performance – FandomWire

Legendary voice actor Troy Baker took to the stage at Gamescom Opening Night Live to mark the release of Fort Solis, a new sci-fi horror game set on Mars, out on PC and PS5 today. Baker was joined on stage by Roger Clark, the voice of Red Dead Redemption 2’s Arthur Morgan and The Last Kingdom star Julia Brown.

Is There Life on Mars?- What did Troy Baker Have to Say About the Newly Released Title?

Troy Baker Fort Solis Gameplay
Everything looks scarier in red, right? Image Credit: Fallen Leaf

The trio form the main voice cast of Fort Solis, giving an interview with Geoff Keighley at ONL about what fans can expect from the newly released game. Baker, Clark and Brown shared more about their experience working on the title with, Troy Baker stating that:

“What I am most excited about is for people to explore these characters. At the core of this experience, is unravelling the mystery of Fort Solis.

“You’re going to do that by discovering these characters and learning about their stories. As actors that is something we want to throw ourselves into.”

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Fort Solis has been in development for around two years being orchestrated by a small development team of 10 people with a surprising AAA voice cast. Roger Clark had nothing but praise for developers Fallen Leaf and Black Drakkar Games saying:

“It [Fort Solis] was a real joy to work on and it’s a joy to see what indie studios are capable of in this day and age, It’s a real thrill!”

For Julia Brown, Fort Solis is their first-ever video game project, but she is an experienced television actor appearing in shows such as World on Fire, Shetland and Foundation. Brown voices a mysterious character who is also stranded on Fort Solis:

“So, I play Jessica Appleton who is an engineer working on Fort Solis alongside Jack Leary [Roger Clark]. They are going to have a night they will never forget that will be a thrilling ride!”

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With Fort Solis also being fully mo-capped by Troy Baker, Julia Brown and Roger Clark it’s safe to say that Fallen Leaf has tried to get the most out of their stars, by making sure that they can give their best immersive performances.

Troy Baker Gameplay
Nobody can hear you voice act in Space, Troy Baker. Image Credit: Fallen Leaf

Fort Solis is available for PC and PS5 now, with the game said to be inspired by mystery games such as Until Dawn and Firewatch. Although initial reviews have praised Fort Solis for its graphics and immersive voice-acting performances, the title’s story has been criticised for being “lacklustre” and “muddled”.

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