Google’s next AI camera tricks show up in Pixel Superfans survey

Google’s next AI camera tricks show up in Pixel Superfans survey

The Pixel camera could merge multiple group images to create one where everyone looks their best


  • The upcoming Pixel 8 series is rumored to have several new AI features, according to a survey sent to Pixel Superfans.
  • The survey hinted at a potential AI-powered group photo merging feature.
  • With a more powerful chipset and newer camera sensors, the Pixel 8 is expected to deliver improved imaging performance.

Google’s Pixel lineup is known for its AI-based camera features like Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, and more. These are features that set Pixels apart from the best Android phones. With the upcoming Pixel 8 series, the company is again rumored to raise the bar with a revamped camera app and Audio Eraser. Now, in a survey sent out to Pixel Superfans, Google itself has hinted at some of the Pixel 8’s upcoming AI-powered camera features.

The survey was about the “Future of Pixel Sports,” with one of the questions asking fans to select scenarios that might influence their smartphone buying decision. @MishaalRahman posted on Twitter X that at least two of the scenarios refer to the Pixel 8’s previously leaked Audio Eraser feature:

  • “Eliminate the shouting of the fan in the next seat from your game-winning shot video with your phone’s amazing AI video noise removal.”
  • “Enhance the sound of your friends and family’s reactions during a thrilling game, while minimizing the background stadium noise with your phone’s amazing AI video noise removal.”

Kamila Wojciechowska then posted the complete survey options that reveal other potential Pixel 8 camera features. The “Create the perfect team picture by merging everyone’s best shot with your phone’s AI technology, so everyone looks great” option suggests the Pixel 8 could come with an AI-powered photo merging feature. Another scenario hints at faster camera app launch times.

“Have endless fun with your team photos with your phone’s creative AI editing tools that let you instantly change the photo background, peoples’ clothes, or truly anything else in the photo,” wording points to Magic Editor, which Google announced at I/O this year. The feature is yet to go live, and Google will likely use the Pixel 8 as its launch vehicle.

Unsurprisingly, Google has pulled the survey options since then that hinted at the upcoming Pixel 8 camera features.

With a more powerful Tensor G3 SoC, ISP, and newer camera sensors, Google’s 2023 flagship Pixels could debut with several new AI camera features. The new phones are still at least a month away from release, so expect more leaks to pop up before their official unveiling.

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