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The legend herself, Lara Croft, is officially next in line to join the Call of Duty franchise with her very own exclusive bundle. Here’s how you can play as the iconic gaming figure across both Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2.

We’ve seen the CoD series spread its wings in recent years when it comes to collaborations with other IP. From action flicks like Die Hard and Rambo being featured prominently to the likes of Snoop Dogg and Nicki Minaj even dropping in recently, there’s been plenty to keep fans entertained.

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And while Modern Warfare 3 may be the talk of the town ahead of its release later this year, another big addition is set to join both Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 both in the near future.

Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft is on the way to the CoD series and we’ve got the full rundown on all there is to know about the Operator bundle.

When does the Lara Croft Operator release in Warzone 2 & Modern Warfare 2?

No concrete release date has been locked in for the Lara Croft Operator at the time of writing. However, we do have some early intel to go off.

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PlayStation’s July 27 blog post implied Lara Croft will jump into CoD as part of a midseason update. Thus, we can assume this means the Season 5 Reloaded update, loosely scheduled for the end of August.

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How to get the Lara Croft Operator in Warzone 2 & Modern Warfare 2

Although not yet confirmed, the Lara Croft Operator skin is expected to arrive in the CoD shop upon release. Rather than completing a challenge, for instance, this means players can simply pay a one-time fee to access the legendary gaming character.


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Does the Lara Croft Operator bundle have a price in Warzone 2 & Modern Warfare 2?

Currently no clear price has been set for the Lara Croft Operator bundle, but we expect it to cost 2,400 CoD Points no different from similar collab bundles in recent months.

What else is in the Lara Croft Operator bundle?

As usual with marquee bundles in the CoD store, expect the Lara Croft Operator bundle to be accompanied by a number of smaller items in the theme of Tomb Raider. Be it a weapon blueprint, sticker, finishing move, or the like, we’re sure to see a few other goodies arrive alongside Croft herself.

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Rest assured, we’ll keep you up to speed with all the latest details right here as further information spills out online.

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