How To Unlock All Characters in Wayfinder

How To Unlock All Characters in Wayfinder

Image Source: Airship Syndicate via The Nerd Stash

Wayfinder is a free-to-play MMORPG that brings a wholly unique experience. You play as various characters and defend your world against evil forces before the chaos falls. Each character has their own special abilities and different playstyles. What’s interesting is that all characters can equip the same weapons and upgrade them. While your weapon augments your gameplay, which character you choose is just as essential. Let’s break down how to unlock all characters in Wayfinder.

Unlocking All Characters in Wayfinder – Explained

unlock all characters in wayfinder

Image Source: Airship Syndicate via The Nerd Stash

Wayfinder has 6 playable characters at the moment, and only three are unlocked by the game — Silo, Wingrave, and Niss. Characters that are not instantly unlocked are Senja, Kyros, and Venomess. To unlock the remaining three, you can either play the game or purchase them for 1500 Runesilvers. You can buy Runesilvers from the in-game shop or get them from bundles. Game bundles also come with the base game and Wayfinder Tokens. Here are all the available bundles for Wayfinder:

  • Base Pack ($19.99): Game, 500 Runesilver, and 0 Wayfinder Tokens
  • Initiate Pack ($49.99): Game, 1000 Runesilver, and 1 Wayfinder Token
  • Awakened Pack ($89.99): Game, 2250 Runesilver, and 2 Wayfinder Tokens
  • Exalted Pack ($149.99): Game, 4200 Runesilver and 3 Wayfinder Tokens

You can buy characters, weapons, cosmetics, pets, and many other things with Runesilvers. Purchasing some bundles also gives you the necessary components that you can use to unlock characters. However, if you want to unlock everything without investing money in the game, there is one more solution. This means grinding the game and playing for plenty of hours. If you enjoy playing the game, unlocking all characters this way won’t be a bother.

How To Get All Characters For Free in Wayfinder

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Image Source: Airship Syndicate via The Nerd Stash

To get all characters free, you’ll need to craft them in the game. Speaking to Omen at the Beacon in Skylight Gave will allow you to summon Wayfinders. However, to summon characters, you must first craft them using specific components. You can see all the unlocked characters, their abilities, and other features in the crafting menu.

You need four different components to craft a character in Wayfinder. These components have their own required materials, meaning getting them won’t be easy. Some components are common to crafting some characters. However, each character has its own unique component. This component is worth 10,000 Gold in the game.


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This guide should have covered everything you want to know on how to get all characters for free or purchase them in Wayfinder.

Wayfinder is available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

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