iPhone 15’s braided charging cable might finally be longer than old iPhone cables

iPhone 15’s braided charging cable might finally be longer than old iPhone cables

A rumor earlier this week said the iPhone 15 models will ship with braided color-matching USB-C cables. I told you why this is such an amazing and overdue upgrade. It’s not about the colors but the materials. Apple is finally ditching the rubber cables that shipped with every iPhone model so far. You know, the ones that can break after using them for just a few months. Braided cables are more durable and much easier to organize since they don’t kink and tangle as easily.

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A new leak now indicates another great upgrade coming to Apple’s new iPhone USB-C cables. It looks like Apple is finally increasing the length of its in-box iPhone charging cable.

Leaker Kosutami showed Apple’s purported iPhone 15 USB-C to USB-C cables recently. In an update, he revealed the new layout that Apple will use for the cables inside the iPhone 15 boxes.

The insider said the USB-C cable is “harder and longer than before.” Cue Michael Scott’s “that’s what she said” line from The Office.

Jokes aside, braided cables are harder than rubber ones, yes. I’ve been using braided Lighting cables from third-party manufacturers for years. They’re slightly thicker and more durable than the default iPhone cable. They’re also more malleable, letting me bring some order to the cable pocket inside my bag. And I don’t have to deal with any twisting and tangling when I need to pull one out.

As for the length part, the upgrade to 1.5 meters (4.92 feet) is great in my book. The current size is 1 meter (3.28 feet), and that’s not good enough for all charging scenarios. Like when you’re using the iPhone as it recharges. I’d advise against that though, as your iPhone might overheat. But there are instances when you need to do it.

Longer cables are also great when using public transportation and recharging the handset. Or when powering the iPhone while using a navigation app in your car.

The extra 0.5 meters might not seem like a lot, but the upgrade will further improve the cable’s durability. The extra length gives you more wiggle room, and you won’t apply as much stress to the connectors while using the handset. In turn, this will reduce the risk of USB-C cables breaking. Yes, braided cables are more durable, but they can still break.

As with other iPhone 15 rumors, we can’t confirm that the images above are genuine. But in the unlikely event these aren’t Apple-made iPhone accessories, some third-party manufacturer will likely sell them in stores soon.

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