Modern Warfare 3 officially showcases Open Combat Missions: Adaptable playstyles, killstreaks, Gora Dam, and more

Modern Warfare 3 officially showcases Open Combat Missions: Adaptable playstyles, killstreaks, Gora Dam, and more

The recent Modern Warfare 3 intel drop revealed crucial insights into the campaign’s Open Combat Missions. You can now explore bigger mission areas with a variety of playstyles while sticking to fixed objectives. This creative design allows you to do activities in a more personalized manner for a more immersive experience.

The dynamic structure of the title encourages you to be innovative and adaptable, resulting in an enhanced gaming experience that fits different playstyles.

This article provides thorough insights into Open Combat Missions, providing you with critical information to improve your understanding of the feature. The information sheds light on this innovative campaign concept and ensures you are well-informed and eager to embrace this thrilling gameplay innovation.

Modern Warfare 3 Open Combat Mission: Adaptable playstyles

The Open Combat Missions in Modern Warfare 3 will have predetermined objectives and a set loadout, but as you progress, you will encounter different additional equipment like new weapons, supply boxes, and more. As a result, these missions are not sequential and may be handled from a variety of angles.

If you like to operate in the shadows, taking a stealth approach gives you a significant edge. It is often best to conceal your presence. Using suppressed weaponry or a knife allows for silent progression through the mission. However, being covert presents significant challenges, particularly on veteran difficulty, as it requires accuracy and dedication to perform efficiently.

Furthermore, fans of the classic Call of Duty all-out assault approach can also tackle the missions. You can employ various tactics; incorporating vehicular maneuvers and assaulting significant enemy groups through a weapon-free approach is still a viable option. The subsequent battles are marked by increased intensity, providing an exciting challenge.

Return of Verdansk’s Gora Dam in Modern Warfare 3 Open Combat Mission


The intel drop video showcased various Open Combat Mission locations, including one based at Verdansk’s Gora Dam. You will receive a segment of the beloved map Verdansk in the campaign, and you can approach the site in whatever playstyle you prefer.

Notable changes have modified the familiar 2019 Gora Dam, as indicated in 2023 by the Gora River’s increasing depth. The video featured Ghost, a playable character, positioned atop the Dam. The mission’s objective comprises defusing various bomb sites within the dam, including one on a moving truck.

These dynamic changes add an intriguing element of complexity to the mission, allowing you to complete the objective in the manner of your choosing.

Modern Warfare 3 Open Combat Mission allows Killstreaks and interactable items

Within Modern Warfare 3 Open Combat Missions, you will have access to a variety of elements ranging from simple throwable flammable gas canisters to complex air-to-ground missiles. This variety enables the use of personalized strategies throughout the mission’s advancement.

A keen eye for detail is required here, as you can find various items such as lootable killstreaks. These items provide opportunities for customization, allowing you to adapt to your preferred method and expanding the strategic component of gameplay.

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