The whole Tarkov community is on its feet as a new Alternate Reality Game (ARG) related to the popular online game Escape From Tarkov takes center stage. This mysterious ARG has piqued players’ curiosity, eagerly decoding every clue and detail.

The ARG started with a live stream directing viewers to a website showcasing an ARRS terminal. This stream, which is still live, is related to a PMC chilling in his hideout. The character on the Battlestate Games stream is believed to be Skif, a BEAR believed to be eliminated in the Raid Movie series ending. So, is this his comeback? We know that Nikita said that Skif never wanted to be eliminated, so I guess this is his resurrection.

Many believe this ARG is a teaser for Escape From Tarkov Arena, a stand-alone game set to be shown at Gamescom 2023. Arena takes the combat mechanics from the original game and offers a more PVP-based experience, drawing comparisons to Call of Duty’s multiplayer.

It’s still early in the discovery process, with much left to uncover. The Tarkov community’s relentless pursuit of answers will continue over the next few days.

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