New ‘Escape From Tarkov’ Teaser Revealed As ‘Arena’ Shown At Gamescom

New ‘Escape From Tarkov’ Teaser Revealed As ‘Arena’ Shown At Gamescom

There’s a new teaser for Escape From Tarkov Arena

Credit: Battlestate Games

The Escape From Tarkov development team love to tease the community and reveal things in unusual ways, and it seems like they are doing exactly that once again, as a new ARG teaser has been released that many assume is related to Escape From Tarkov Arena, a new game that is being shown at Gamescom this week.

The current ARG is being decoded by the community as they try to work out every clue and detail they can find. It all kicked off with a stream earlier today which pointed people to a website featuring an arrs terminal and some cryptic code.

Through the stream, which currently seems to be observing some kind of bunker and one guy just hanging out in there, and the arrs website the community has discovered a number of codes, but there isn’t much else. Some users are reporting that using one of the codes on the Escape From Tarkov website will give you some in-game toilet paper as an item.

It’s still early days in the discovery process, so it may take hours or even days for people to figure out exactly what is going on, but knowing the Tarkov community they will be working to try and figure it out constantly.

Most suspect that this will be tied into the Escape From Tarkov presence at Gamescom, the major European trade show that takes place over the next few days. On a stream a few weeks ago which revealed the Escape From Tarkov roadmap, the development team revealed they would be at Gamescom and likely showing off Escape From Tarkov Arena.

Arena will be a stand-alone game in the Escape From Tarkov franchise that takes the combat mechanics from the base game and makes it a more PVP-based combat experience, closer to what you would expect from Call of Duty multiplayer. Outside of the reveal trailer from last year, there has not been much in the way of updates on Arena, making Gamescom one of the first big showings the game will have.

We currently don’t know exactly what is being shown of Arena at Gamescom, or even if it is being shown to the public or just behind closed doors to industry workers like press and streamers. But with the launch of the ARG you would expect that something will be shown publicly over the next few days.

Some are even speculating that using some of the codes being found with the ARG will give you access to a beta for Escape From Tarkov Arena, and while that seems like a good idea on paper there is currently no evidence to suggest that is the case.

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