New RoboCop PS5 game looks like a PS3 game in the best way possible

New RoboCop PS5 game looks like a PS3 game in the best way possible

New RoboCop Rogue City PS5 gameplay feels like a throwback to the FPS-heavy days of the PS3, especially thanks to its excessive violence.

New RoboCop PS5 game looks like a PS3 game in the best way possible
As if there weren’t enough exciting games still left to come in 2023, now we have to add RoboCop Rogue City trophies to the list of things we’re excited about? Sure, it doesn’t exactly exude the budget and scope of the usual contenders for the best PS5 games list, but who cares? One glance at the new RoboCop Rogue City’s PS5 gameplay and it’ll feel like the reign of the PS3-era FPS never came to an end.

RoboCop Rogue City has major PS3 FPS energy

The new RoboCop Rogue City gameplay trailer (see below) gives you a quick taste of what this game is all about: slowly walking from room to room and shooting everything in sight. The game will largely be a linear story with a handful of smaller hub sections to explore in the vein of PS3-era FPS-RPG-hybrid Deus Ex Human Revolution — a comparison that feels all the more fair when you notice the game has dialogue options that could change proceedings as you play.
You can get a better look at the game in IGN’s coverage, which we’ve also embedded below. There, you can see RoboCop slowly amble about the place, having the odd chat with some memorable characters from the original film, and just non-stop shooting people to death with his cool leg pistol. Even funnier, we get to see him just stick his hand out and utterly wreck whoever gets anywhere near him — that’s as RoboCop as it gets.

Honestly, this footage just brings me right back to playing PS3 shooters like Resistance, Bulletstorm, Haze, and Bodycount. The quality was always wildly inconsistent and, at the time, it was certainly tiring to see every second game default to being a first-person shooter. However, now developers have largely moved on from linear FPS games, it feels practically nostalgic to see a new entry in the genre coming to PS5 like RoboCop Rogue City.

Will that nostalgia be enough to land RoboCop Rogue City a spot on our best PlayStation FPS games list when it launches reportedly sometime in September 2023? We’ll have to play it for ourselves first, but if it continues to nail that classic PS3 FPS flavor, I can’t see why it wouldn’t make the cut. What do you think of the RoboCop Rogue City PS5 gameplay? Let us know in the comments down below.

Written by Lee Brady

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